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I'm aboard on McGrath band wagon too. He was racing in a era when training wasn't as serious as it is today. Riders where treated like rock stars and our sport was regularly noted in the main stream media. Camera phones were not yet invented and I have ... more »

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1997 TM 250 Cross
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1994 Honda CR250
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Is your swing arm bolt hole ovaled out? There's a bushing available trough KTM which will cure the issue but you need to machine cases to make it work.

I also highly recommend to use shim washers between the cases and engine mounting tabs if ... more »
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I think KTM dropped the ball with the latest chassis design. To me it looks like the new chassis doesn't corner as good as the previous design. When you see even guys like Cairoli and Dungey struggling in the corners with the bike you know they have ... more »

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150sx "just a white KTM"
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Dream bike from my youth!

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The bike sounds really good!

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03 cr250
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New video surfaced on YouTube. It gives a really nice look what is hidden under the plastics of the ike

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I far as I know KTM factory teams have never ran full carbon fiber clutch covers. I have only seen carbon fiber protection covers which are positioned over the aluminum clutch cover for extra protection

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Found a nice addition for the bike. Extremely rare carbon fiber "SXS" ignition cover that completes the SXS factory look

... more »
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Any toughs about this one?

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I agree with OP. Some people are just naturally talented for riding dirt bikes and I admit that do not belong to that group myself. I consider myself a pretty hard worker and I still can ride easily twenty minute moto's at steady pace. But no matter ... more »

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Mcgrath tribute '05 CR250R
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