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That's a great price on the CR125. Must have sold quickly.

Added reply in a thread YZ125 Sputters/Chops at high RPM (Video Included) 10/4/2021 6:05 PM

My CR250 was doing this, out of the blue, last year. Turned out to be gunked up ethanol crap in the carb from when I let it sit too long with fuel in it. I'd very carefully clean the carb as suggested above. When is the last time you repacked your silencer? ... more »

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Very nice build. My son has an '07 that we "rescued" with low hours from a guy who really had no idea how to maintain a bike. He had the jetting all messed up and tried to correct it by running a super hot lawn mower plug! Luckily, we saved it before ... more »

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Try another dealer. Some Honda dealers will work with you and can check Honda dealers nationwide for NOS stock. I've been lucky a few times with some really helpful dealers who have found obscure parts sitting in some dealer's parts room half way across ... more »

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Great work. Closest thing to being at the races.

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That is a pretty clean '05. Put a new pipe on it, and it's looking good at a very reasonable price.

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Outstanding footage. Almost as good as being there.

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I'd second CMH. Had a great time with them a few years ago. And check out Cahuilla for sure -- two really nice, well-prepped tracks at your disposal. Have a great time.

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Those Ossas were really cool, but yes, they were pretty much obsolete overnight when this beast was unleashed. I had a '76 CR250, which was pretty badly outdated in '78. The '78 bike moved me from the back of the pack to the front, virtually overnight. ... more »

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Same here. My 78 CR250, one of the very first in our area, changed the arc of my whole MX experience. It was like a works bike for the masses. Magic motor. If you couldn't grab the holeshot on that bike, it just meant there were too many other Red Rockets ... more »

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I have a dingy, little radiator shop that does mostly automotive work near me. I have had great success over the years getting OEM rads straightened out by them. You might check to see if a rad shop near you can do the work and save time/$$ on shipping. ... more »

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Does it have an inline fuel filter on the gas line between the tank and carb? I've bought two older bikes that had those. They both ran just how you described until I ditched the inline filter. They don't flow enough fuel for a race motor.

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Some people are just idiots. On the purchasing side of the coin, I was buying a used bike a few years ago. The guy was asking $2500, which was a little high, but not outrageously so. After looking the bike over, I said "so you want 2500?" His response ... more »

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Leisure TIme looks awesome. We've been meaning to get up there.

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I've too have only worn Arais for the last 20+ years, for exactly the reasons you note. The first time I put on my first Arai was like a revelation. I doubt I'll change. There are obviously other riders and other manufacturers who think that some of ... more »

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Second for Archview, which is having prepped practice Sunday. Excellent dirt and prep on a safe and fun track.

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I see both sides of this. As a MX fan, nothing beats being right up on the fence, close to the track. We were at the RedBud national during the 2 stroke era, on the second turn, just before the ski jump. Watching 40 factory-tuned 250 two strokes roar ... more »

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Check where your cables run over the top of the ECU at full lock on the bars. It's very tight clearance in that area. I'll bet one of your cables (probably clutch) is mashing down on the ECU connector when you turn the bars to the left. Good luck with ... more »

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I love your doc's reference to a "normal 61 y/o life." LOL. I too race the +60 class, and every time we get together with friends, eventually they ask "are you still racing/riding your dirt bike." Every year they act more surprised when I tell them yes. ... more »

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Yeah, yours is on the way to what happened to mine. Wish I had I caught it when it still looked like yours, but I don't think it caused any internal motor problems. Will a slide from a 250 not work in the 125 carb? For the 05-07 models, at least, I think ... more »