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Agreed on the 08 CRF450. When I got done with mine it had FC top of line revalve, Ride Engg 20mm offset clamps, Rekluse full clutch, PC pipe and some Tokyo mods tricks in the carb. Felt faster on it than my 17 KTM450 with PC pipe and spring conversion ... more »

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I have to respectfully disagree on this. I had an older set of Asterisks and used the rotational tether. I felt like it was way too flimsy to do the job it is intended to do. I find by clamping the top of your boots as tightly as possible over the bottom ... more »

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See my review of the RXR Protect Cyb-R chest protector and Bumber shoulder protector. I also wear a Leatt neck brace with the RXR (I have both the Bullet and the Cyb-R) and it fits great. I think the combination of a good CP and neck brace will give ... more »

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FWIW, NC has a growing and vibrant MX and offroad scene, cost of living is moderate and year-round riding is pretty reliable, especially in SE part of state. I'm between Durham and Greensboro and there must be a dozen good tracks within 2 hours. Across ... more »

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Just purchased these, direct-only from RXR in France, superb customer support, free shipping in 4 days. I had bought the RXR Bullet a year ago and wanted a second for backup, plus shoulder protection. The Cyb-R is a slightly improved update of the Bullet, ... more »

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I had a set of 20 mm offset Ride Engg clamps on my 08 before I sold it. Made a huge improvement cornering for MX, don't know about offroad.

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I've had the Mobius for 4 years now and love them. The unique feature is the boa-cable-actuated x-pad that cinches up just above the small of the knee--much more secure than anything else I've used. Villopoto liked them so much he became part owner. ... more »

Updated bike check 2017 KTM450SXF (SOLD) 6/15/2021 8:16 AM
2017 KTM450SXF (SOLD)
Updated bike check 2008 CRF450R (SOLD) 6/15/2021 8:16 AM
2008 CRF450R (SOLD)
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What is the consensus on the best version of the Black Widow hitch carrier? Steel or aluminum?

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Just to connect some historical threads here... You could argue that it all goes back to Gary Bailey, the original Professor of Motocross and super-riding coach. I'm a little partial to this also since Lake Sugartree is my closest track and I like the ... more »

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Try the Penton Motorcycles group on FB. A 1976 MC5 was my first "good" bike, except mine had the red tank with the yellow front plate and green side number plates. Bought in 1978 at age 18 and rode the crap out of it for 5 years without ever touching ... more »

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The Motion Pro injector cleaner works great. Well worth the money.

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If you've got the carb off the bike and apart, go ahead and check the jetting block gasket. They're very thin rubber, and if/when they fail the bike will run terribly no matter what you do. It's under a little oval plate inside the bore, with two torx ... more »

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Call Chip Munn at Munn Racing in Texas. If anyone can get one they can. They'll ship it by XPO very cheaply too. Bought both my KTM's that way.

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FTI in Lexington does great work. Former NASCAR and JGR mechanics. See my product review on their AER spring conversion.

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2019 150SX
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2008 CRF450R (SOLD)
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2017 KTM450SXF (SOLD)
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Honestly I wish they would just do away with the sand sections. Doesn't add much to the excitement of the race in my view, and it's like planting land mines in the track. Need to be reducing injuries where possible, not making them even more likely. ... more »