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It was 185'

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Some dealers already have them.

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Lets not forget RV won an overall in his third try during his GP stint! Good chance he would have won the title that year considering some top guys ended up hurt.

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The Dirt Diggers should not be allowed to ever build a track, they have been horrible since day one... this confirms that even more!!!

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Ryno also got his ass kicked at Mammoth by a kid half his age, that kid was Michael Lapaglia! Lapaglia wrestled Ryno's shit talking ass to the ground and tied him up like a pretzel.... was hilarious!!

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I’ve had the same anti gravity battery in my shovelhead chopper for 7 years... I’ve never once had to charge it!

And for 6 months of the year it sits I’m my below freezing garage. Amazing battery, I’m going to put one in my 2020 yz450
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I did a 1990 look on my 2020

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Mine seems way lighter!

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I usually do mine off the bike.