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You gotta love this - the manufacturers that were happy to kill the dinosaur 2 bangers now find themselves looking to the sky and seeing a giant, silent asteroid bearing down on them. This has to happen. Look at what a joke formula E was perceived to ... more »

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Hypothetically, if 250 2 strokes were the top class, how would Barcia fair? Surely he'd be able to keep it on the pipe better than those who have learnt how to short shift/ride the torque of a 450.

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Can anyone remind me how it worked out when IRL/CART split their talent? Essentially that's what I see AMA/MXGP doing at the moment. The big difference is supercross though, can't see anyone killing that cash cow.

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I think Eli is a bit like RV - next level raw speed, but not 100% into "the game". You can't blame them though, surely it's their life to do with as they wish

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I wonder if Luongo gets into dick measuring arguments with randoms on message boards who are not too subtly pushing a barrow/trying to stir him up...

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1-4. Eli has the pace to beat anyone, just lacks consistency.

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Consulting the riders union about necessary track modifications could possibly help from a liability standpoint. A similar process is followed in a lot of Motorsport - F1, MotoGP etc.

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Big, big lol. "Tomac and Marvin WOULD have beat Jeff IF they didn't CRASH".

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OK fair point, but then wouldn't the big, blind landing triple fall foul of the same saftey concerns? It's the inconsistency that I feel most have issue with.

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Well... Your AMA champion was almost beat by a injured European who did everything he could to win Ironman yet still couldn't catch Herlings, or couldn't handle the pressure of being chased down by him.. Oh but sorry it's a depleted field, everyone's ... more »

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Exactly, AC was Rossi-dominant. Plus I think an oft overlooked factor is the pull of the American "lifestyle" on younger guys. Racing against some of the world's best plays a part too

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Yeah I don't get removing it - I mean there were other sections where multiple actual accidents occurred but they remained. Sure, remove things for safety (I'm no fan of big jumps myself), but if a section that no one crashed on is removed, surely any ... more »

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Can't believe the resistance to essentially merging GP with AMA. Motocross is almost in an CART/IRL type situation at the moment and we all know how that ended. I can't think of a good reason for a sport to split it's talent, I really can't. MXGP needs ... more »

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Yeah for sure, imo Herlings sits a bit behind Vilopotto in so far as sheer balls go - not many of the big boys are willing to risk what Ryan and to lesser extent JH have

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Jeez USA, if you don't want to go don't go. You've got nothing to prove, we all know the talent/speed you guys possess and given the right circumstances I'm sure you guys could win MXoN like you have many times before. But can we stop with the excuses/whinging

... more »
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Jumps, jumps, jumps - they are killing MX. Imagine you're playing little league but have to face a 100mph fast ball.

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T h a t I s A L o n g E x c u s e .

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There it is. When we say slow down Eli, I think we mean just don't ride at 2016 Glen Helen pace. He's backed off too far IMO, it's a fine line though

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So similar to the vast majority of Olympians? Scheduling concerns are very valid, only the individual can speak to these. Financial concerns seem uniquely American. How do other, much smaller nations send teams year after year? Ah well, the almighty ... more »

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I think USA will do really well. All the riders have a lot of heart and have nothing to lose against the MXGP regulars - that AMA vs GP narrative isn't really the same as if Tomac/Bagget/Barcia where going, makes it less of a circus for the US riders ... more »