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CR500 AFC (not a SH)

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And good luck getting $5800 for it. I sold a much more tricked out CR500AFC earlier this year and was only able to get $2800 after several months of advertisement.

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Thanks! Sorry, not interested in parting it out.

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Top end rebuilt by EBR in League City: New Wiesco piston and rings New stainless steel valves Less than 2 hours on new top end (non-racing) Leo Vince exhaust Tag Triple Clamps Handguards Forks & shock resprung ... more »

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Not sure what part of town your in, but EBR in League City is an excellent place to go. They do work for one of the national level KTM teams. Sorry it took a month to respond, I don't log on here much.

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Yes. Here in Texas, private transfers are legal. Since you're looking for an AR, you could take the AK with you to a show and trade it in there. Keep in mind, you will probably get a better deal selling it to an individual and then go buy your AR. If ... more »

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Folding stock? When you decide on a price; I'd be interested.

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Beautiful machine Jay!!!

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  • My CR500 Aluminum Frame
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  • New Ignition Cover

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Believe it or not, I did the same thing when I first signed up there. Had to send and email through their contact info to get the password reset. Probably will be another month before I get back out to 3P. But, if you see a big guy riding a CR500 with ... more »

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I assume you've been practicing out at 3P. Next time you're there, talk to the people where you sign-in and they'll direct you to the best class for your skill level. Another resource is . Register there and ask the local ... more »

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Check out how the gate bounces up after it falls ...

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This is the Watergate Marina on the south side of Clear Lake here in League City, Texas after Ike passed over:

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Starts with the FMF American Vet Race on 10/12. For Info check out : Sign up sheet:

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This has some awesome satellite shots of Earth, pictures of the shuttle, and some of the space station being assembled. Good music with it also.

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Slim Bill

I am a pro at putting around an MX track. That's what makes the weekend warrior so cool.

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what's up?

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