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Buy the parts and do it yourself. The more specialized things you can have a shop do, but I’d say 85% of the work could be done by you. Best of luck whichever direction you choose.

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^ True. We live in NW Indiana, about 20 minutes from Red Bud. There are tons of places to ride around here, many public tracks and just as many or more private tracks. We ride at least once or twice weekly, and will travel sometimes 10-12 hrs round trip ... more »

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Several tracks around here do this and as a racer it’s nice to be able to keep tabs on where they are in the program so you don’t end up in staging 4 motos to early....

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7’s all the way.

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Making sure you tell people you are an atheist is like telling people you are a vegetarian...c’mon dude.

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One above said “born in 1990”. That sounds crazy to me...and yet I work with some kids born in 2000. Wow, definitely makes me feel old. Stay off my lawn!

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No doubt. Such a great time in motocross. I watched a vintage race a few weeks ago that was going on before our open practice, and guys were racing bikes I had back then, and some I dreamed of having back then. The class with the 1990-1999s or so was ... more »

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Jordi once forgot to feed Paulin’s cat while he was on vacation. Something Marvin would never do.

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I give all mine to a guy at work who puts used oil in them for his oil burner.

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... more »
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Umm, the dude spelled Indiana “indidna”. I’d pass on that alone.

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Everyone had to run MXGP spec fuel to meet those rules. I’m not certain how different their fuel spec is from AMA, but AMA does have rules prohibiting/limiting lead content and also oxygen content. Most teams looked to be running ETS fuel. I’m not familiar ... more »

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Martin rode a great race and was on the gas and aggressive. Gary Gibson also was outstanding, especially for riding that bike for the very first time on Friday mid morning! Richard looked to have a few issues Sunday and bike was smoking and in pit lane

... more »
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We got stuck behind a few 2 wheel drive cars for a bit, but other fans helped push them out. Even 4 wheel drive was slick and slimy. Can’t wait to go back tomorrow...

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You need a strong liver more so than anything...

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I’d put a new piston and cam chain in for sure. Sounds like you take good care of your bike, and this regular maintenance should ensure many more hours of riding without wondering if you have stretched to far.

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I hope your friend gets this taken care of, I’d imagine he will. Had a friend pick up a new 19 CRF450 2 weeks ago and the air filter was upside down in the air box and not even screwed in. Just another reason I tear my bikes down to the bone after I ... more »