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LTM Rocks.

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1972 Z50. Got this when I was 10 in 1994 with a second Z50 and a CT 70 that were in boxes. The deal was I could ride this one that ran as long as I tore into and learned how to put the others together. Needless to say, I still have this, my ... more »
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Just save up the cash and then you can buy your new one when it gets to the dealer, you won’t feel forced to sell your old one, and when you do sell your old one, BAM, you now have 1/2 the cash sitting in your dirt bike savings account for your next ... more »

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I get that every time I open my garage...

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Nice to see Answer gear without the stupid ANSR.

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I just watched that about 10 times trying to figure what happened...his forks compress a tiny tiny bit as normal on a sand face, the rear does nothing...freewheeled off but didn’t really kick at all. It does look like loss of forward drive at about the ... more »

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My 2 year old son has taken over my boxes and boxes of trophies and plaques. Funny how prominently displayed I used to have them, and now I don’t mind they are play things...I still keep my 2014 state championship trophy in my office tho...

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Go to your local moto dealer and order one. That’s where we got my sons from, and I got my standard awesome discount they give on everything else. I got the bike for less than either price above, supported my dealer, and got my boy a strider all in one. ... more »

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$300 well spent!

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Make a donation in each persons name to “The Human Fund”. Who doesn’t love charitable giving....

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How often do you change filters and do you use rim grease? I ask because I run Twin Air filters and No-Toil oil and rim grease. I change filters every ride day without exception, and inspect my filters thoroughly. My wife loves all the clean oiled filter ... more »

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This set is a couple years old and I still use it. Nice vented gear and the quality has been good from my experience.

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Wrong. 18,474 times better. Edit: New gen tech 7s are great boots, I have never tried instincts.

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This is a good thread. Like the OP, I’m ready for new tires again and wouldn’t mind trying something new. I ride all over the Midwest, mostly loamy stuff and have mostly run Dunlop. Sounds like Pirelli is a great alternative.

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Interesting. I’ve used Simple Green for years on bikes, boots, and gear. Does Shout work that much better, or is it just less harsh, or both?

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Love my new Moto9. It’s the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn. I wear 100% goggles, and if you have the nose piece on your goggles, you have two choices: take the nose piece off the goggles, or take the extension nose rubber piece off the helmet. ... more »

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That’s awesome. I have a 2 year old and he absolutely loves moto. He has a PW but is still a bit unready to ride alone. He sits on it in the garage, rocks on the stand and yells “look dad, goin’ through whoops!” Congrats in the successful race, couple

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Nice!! How old is he?

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How well did you clean the carb? I ask because it really takes a good thorough job with each component to be sure it’s not gummed up or blocked anymore. I’ll generally use carb cleaner and compressed air with each jet/piece of the carb, and to go a step ... more »