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Barry Carsten Jimmy Wilson Davey Yezek Rusty Holland

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This is interesting. I have both an 03 and just picked up an 06 yesterday for my next project. I may measure these two at that top mount to see if it’s any different. If nothing else, you have me curious now. I know these models share silencers from ... more »

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The guy who buys this will either be someone doing a sweet replica build with no expense spared....or a dude with spoke skins and stock exhaust painted black with an FMF sticker on it - and it will show up again on Marketplace, and will obviously “wheelie ... more »

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Was definitely a good one. Looking forward to part two.

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Agree. We are heading there Sunday most likely.

Added reply in a thread Purple Rims for 90’s Honda 11/15/2020 5:30 PM Looks like it’s an option from Warp 9. I just did a quick search and didn’t see purple offered from a few others on their direct sites, but is shown here. Could at least be worth a phone call to verify tho. ... more »

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I agree, great and tough question. For me, each season seems to get more enjoyable. Here in the midwest with the winter hiatus we take, its always a great feeling to get back in the swing of things every spring and pick up where you left off. I have

... more »
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IKEA with dirt bikes. 🤙🏼

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Yes sir, we will be there as well. Fall moto here is the best. Good luck to those racing the World Vets. On my list to do soon.

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Can we assume it pulls wheelies in every gear, is not for beginners, and has a new top end with 5 minutes on it? Oh and no trades, except for a 4x4 quad. Obviously.

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Love the Irish MXdN guys. If we are bench racing this, I’ll say PR as Windham, LaRocco, and Emig. A guy can dream, right?
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This made me laugh quite a bit...fantastic sir, absolutely fantastic.

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100% yes.

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Electro-interference of some kind caused by the fleet of E-bikes housed at the broadcast location...😗

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I was there Saturday also. I ride there a handful of times a year, as I’m only an hour and a half north. I love that you can do long motos, and love the sand. And yes, on my 125 is the most fun of all. Glad you enjoyed it.

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PM Sent.

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... more »
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Just fantastic. Thank you for keeping us updated, what an amazing fighter.

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if you have OCD, this is heaven