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I recently acquired a 1997 YZ250 and after completing a laundry list of items on the bike, I finally took it out today for the first time. I have not opened the engine up yet, but intend to this winter. So here is my question...the bike starts and idles

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Very nice. I just picked up a 97 YZ250 last week and have begun the refresh on it. I’m taking pictures of progress along the way and I’ll do a thread on it when it’s rolling. Hope to get some fall riding with it this year yet.

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Mark, I currently have an 03 that I race in the regular 30+ open class, and I just sold a 2000 that I had, so I have recent experience with both. The reason I’ve kept the 03 is it was literally a barn find nearly brand new, and the 2000, while in very

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I feel glad to have met you at the races, you are a huge part of the moto world. I will miss seeing glimpses of you on TV, and not seeing you on Vital will feel strange forever.

Good luck with whatever is next, keep us posted

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A 450 for The Leap you say?

-Jeff Kardas photo
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I’m a US 13 and I love my tech-7’s. Have had several pairs and they are great. I don’t have personal experience with SG12’s but several guys I ride with have them and swear by those as well.

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Art Eckman would be saying “Throw a blanket over ‘em!”

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That makes sense then, thanks guys.

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Kind of related, but I was just browsing on the MX Sports page to see if there was any info on the 125 races, and I ended up looking at the approved equipment list for the 250 and 450 class and neither the YZ125 or YZ250 are listed. The KTM, Husky, and ... more »

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Any chance the throttle cable or cap has to be modded for the eBay carb? I’ve seen those cheap carbs before where the OEM cable wouldn’t work properly, so the owner jacked with it, and when going back to the ORM carb, nothing worked correctly. Just an ... more »

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36 yrs old and back on a 125 full time. I bought this 2003 YZ125 a couple years ago as something fun to mess around on, and found I was riding it more than my 250F. Now the only 4 stroke I have is my lawnmower. I find this thing makes me stay in shape

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Robb - if you are in Ft. Wayne, make the quick drive to Bremen, IN to Bellman Oil. You should get a better price than that.

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Sure did, and as a few other guys have said, what a great challenge that presents for body and mind. Such an amazing sport.

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Beautiful riding weather the last few days in the Midwest. Dirt bikes are fun, never forget it!

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#ButWhatIfYou’reWrong. 🤣 Very cool bike.

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Punctuation much?

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Are you sure you have the timing set correctly? And cam chain adjuster reset when reinstalled?

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You can order OEM replacements and would be exact colors. EDIT: the links don’t go the the exact page...but select Fender and Side Cover in the schematic selection and you can order the OEM blue items. ... more »