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This should go well......

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Tell me more about that 996 Porsche.

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05 was probably the technical peak of the sport. James, Ricky and Chad on 2 strokes was the end of an era. The only way it could have been better was if MC from 2000 was on the track with them.

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I logged in just so I could down vote you.

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I think we're agreeing with each other. Copper usually lacks a little straight line speed, but manages to figure it out.

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The amazing thing with Webb is that he repeatedly over achieves. Seems to always put a race result together that is better than it should have been. Make a pass that nobody else could or digs deep and does what it takes to hold someone off or catch someone ... more »

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Winter should be for training facilities and summer for racing. It's funny when people say, "if you're super fast there isn't anyone to race anyway, might as well just practice. " ...... well, I'd say that racing every weekend produced guys like Johnny ... more »

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Props to you, but between the dust, sun, and random rocks/boulders that's borderline psychotic.

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So when is this sport going to address the problem of lapped racers impacting the leaders at the end of the race? It's been going on for decades and I feel like that's part of the problem... it's such an entrenched issue that people just say, well if ... more »

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I think its a product of most of these guys training together and now they all run about the same speed. It's hard to pass people that are only a fraction slower than you.

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It all starts in the corners. Fast in the corners is fast and low on the jumps, also equals fast in the whoops. Fast around the corners allows you to lean forward and drive through the jump. Slower means you have get more lift to get over the same jump, ... more »

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I'm not the best at dragging the front brake around the first part of a corner, but if you get it right its like a cheat code.

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I hate for the way this will sound, but I have to wonder, what class are you riding that you were passing into the lead, but rarely use the front brake.

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I counted 3 blue flags for Dean on TV leading up to the white flag and after the white.

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Not by a long shot. The 350 is VERY fast out corners. As fast or faster than a 450, you just can't ride it like a 450. It revs very quick. Like a really fast 250 2 stroke.

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I think it has a lot to do with how much off season racing he does. He kind of stays the same speed. Doesn't have down time where he has to pick his speed back up. It makes a big difference as you get older.

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Exactly. Good shows are nearly nonexistent these days. These streaming platforms are a sea of either rehashed old shows or new crap with bad actors on a shoe string budget. We rarely turn the TV on in our house and if we do it's to listen to XM radio ... more »

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The 350 has shown to be a very durable engine.

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I bought a Fly Formula helmet a few months ago. Awesome helmet. Light weight and the fit is unreal.

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But he is. I'll listen to a champ bs with another champ all day. That's what Grant did.