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I personally believe that really technical slow speed single track is awesome for balance. I don't mean easy crusing trail riding, I'm talking more along the lines mellow hard enduro. Technical hill climbs, extremely off camber feet on the pegs sections.

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I love listening to the technical talk of the older past champions. They are so knowledgeable about the bike and how to ride it as well as the track.

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Lol.....or you can be aware of your body and eat and do the nessasary things to take care of it. Trust me buddy, if you eat a pizza a day and steak for breakfast followed by a half gallon of ice cream no positive thoughts in the world are going to combat ... more »

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Cholesterol will kill anyone. It also makes you tired too early in the day. Don't eat baked goods, red meat, pizza, ice lots of salad. Spinach is a super food for combating cholesterol. Even if high cholesterol runs in your family there ... more »

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How does Tesla handle these issues with cars? I'm honestly asking because cars are used in a much broad range of conditions than an RC car.

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I really like what James is doing with his podcast. These critiques he does are from a very professional and respectful place. He has an insight as someone who won many many races and championships and let's his listeners in on the thinking and thought ... more »

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So should I buy a new membership? I'm not sure. It's crazy how disorganized this whole thing is.

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His testing knowledge was very valuable and tough to replace. I don't even read or watch many of the bike tests on the internet anymore because most are done by a guy who has no idea what the bike is doing. I also thought that losing GL from Whiskey ... more »

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So my subscription was also canceled. I noticed when I tried to watch a replay. Do we buy a new subscription....or.... what's going on here.

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Staying away from cholesterol is the fountain of youth. Seriously. It's pretty much that simple.

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I bet Villopoto is like, damn.... he's actually doing it.

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If the tracks get rough enough that old man could be trouble.

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If you are riding woods start off with the gas gas off road model. Their off road suspension settings are pretty dialed.

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The only thing I can think about in all of this is how unfortunate it is that Christian Craig can do this at 30 years old and how many other guys who haven't accomplished half of what he has pointed out. What's going on here.

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I had a 2019 350 and now have a 2022 350. My experience with the harsh rear on acceleration bumps is that when the rear rides too low the shock gets into a stiffer part of the valving. I only weigh 135 pounds/ Vet A rider, so I had a very soft rear spring ... more »

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I think a return out of retirement mostly depends on the commitment of the racer. If the guy is fit and willing to go fast he should be competitive. Maybe 3rd-8th. Chad Reed won SX's at 32. If you're just there for the fun, you're not going to compete ... more »

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And the electronic clutch....probably just interrupts the power through the software. Very useful.

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Exactly. Let's wait until we know the guy is ok before we start poking fun, which if Dean is ok I'm sure he would have no problem with. ....but we don't know yet.

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I think it must have taken a very smart, strong minded person to sort through all of this and finally come to the decision that he did and handle it the way he did. Even if you don't like it, you have to respect the conclusion that he came to for the ... more »

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Clutching it on the face of the jump at 1:17. Kids these days will never understand.