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I havent read this 100 page pissing-match so I dunno if this has been posted, (probably has), but in case it hasnt........ https://youtu.be/X29lF43mUlo

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Sure wish Steve could see this launch.

New thread Yo Dawg 5/26/2020 1:17 PM

The big guy aint so big anymore. Lost 100+ lbs and is back playing for Journey !


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You and Ringer used to hammer the noobs better than anyone.

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Those two guys did not like each other. Like BobbyM said, the tension was still there from 40 years ago.

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Well done sir. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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In a 1300# car that has no transmission/clutch, flywheel, starter, battery, or fenders.

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Yeah I heard that was a good race !

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You outta see some of our slap fights !

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Damn that aint good at all. Hang in there Rick

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Yessir, its a '38 B with a 3-digit serial number. One of the first made. Only has hand brakes, a magneto and a hand crank.

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Ditto. That guy is a real racer and put more into chasing the dream than all those haters can even begin to understand. Congrats 800

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If it rains like they are predicting, its gonna be a big mess out there.

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Thats part of the reason I dont want one. I used to have a DRZ400S and if the battery died, you were either bump starting with your fingers crossed or walking. Fuck that.