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Update got the bike fixed! When though and tried a new ecu and cam. Same problem. Also re tore down the top end checked the valves to be sure none where chipped or burnt. It was a very consistent pop which had be thinking it was a sensor of some sort. ... more »

Started new thread Want 2017 crf 450 cylinder head 10/24/2020 4:40 PM

Looking for a cylinder head. Preferably with valves.

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Started new thread Need crf 450r cam chaft 2017 10/3/2020 12:25 PM

Just looking for a new or lightly used cam shaft

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Gotta be Dungy

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Masterpool reminds me of Zack Bell with his starts

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I crashed before a step up. High side lol. Broke 3 bones and separated ac joint. Was out about 5 weeksish. But I was back as soon as I was.heed because my little brother broke 5 bones. Both his wrist and his leg. I piggy backed him in to the hospital ... more »

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Awesome thank you guys! Thankfully I think its been 100 plus where I live so I'm somewhat used to it.

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Im going to surprise Az for a week of work. I live in Central Cal. I'm wondering how's it going there. Do I need a mask everywhere is it lax there? And are reatraunts open for dine in? I'll be in a hotel all week so just curious. Any responses would ... more »

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Today's update. Just checked timing and valves just to be sure everything looks great and in spec. Pulled the fuel filter off and pump. Pump whirls on when hooked up to power source so I belive that is good. But the fuel filter looks dirty so I'm going

... more »
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Its a 450 my bad forgot I didn't put that. Just adjusted the valves. I'll be sure to check those.

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Not the pump or filter I will check that next

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Vital i need your help. I rebuilt the top end in my bike. Pretty standard deal. But after assembling everything the bike would only start with the "choke" lever pulled out. And once started its just pops on idle and pops when i give any throttle. So ... more »

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I have this one. Its also a torque wrench which is cool! A little pricy and I can loosen things with it but it keeps me in check on torque specs. I have a motion pro set also for normal use.
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I do the front every other. I'm 21 on a budget though. I do mostly track but whenever I go to the desert I get a new rear after. Its usually pretty chewed up after. Also run micheline startcross 5 medium

Started new thread Anyone ever coat there own clutch cover? 2/13/2020 4:55 PM

Just as the title says. I'm wondering if cerotoke coating is something doable or any other ideas!

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So last week I couldn't ride worth beans at the track. I just felt like I just couldn't focus. So I put my fanny pack on and my bluetooth headphones to listen go music while i ride. It helped me a lot I felt like i could focus more and muffled the sounds ... more »

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I think he is more comparable to JS7. Insane speed but when he hits the deck he's out for a while.

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Bring toy dirtbikes! My little brother spent the whole time at hangtown building tracks in the dirt. He loved it!

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I've tried it for joint pain and to help me sleep. It was from a vape pen. I never finished it. My joints still hurt and all it did for sleep was give me weird dreams. It was a mid tier one nothing to expensive. I'm not saying it doesnt work for some ... more »