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I would say the Monster Truck move to Orlando has more to do with the following two things.. 1. Feld is headquarterd in Ellenton, about 2hr drive to Orlando, where all the execs can attend and invite all their major sponsors (who are willing to attend ... more »

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Yeah good point, but how do we know for certain if they don’t give any description of injuries

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Terrible press release. No description of injuries. We all know there are wrist issues, why can we not have transparent PR?

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For those that aren’t familiar with the area, it’s called Bone Valley, because of the high concentration of phosphate that is mined. Take a look at the google earth satellite images of the hundreds of thousands of acres sorrounding this track. Mosaic ... more »

Added reply in a thread tips for getting faster in the woods? 3/26/2019 4:50 PM

Mountain biking on technical trails. For me it helped with carrying momentum through corners while standing. Also, once I started really ripping the wood skinny bridges on the mountain bike, I had more confidence in my balance and ability to stick a ... more »

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Anderson cross jumped the jump before the corner, and crossed multiple ruts in near perpendicular direction.That was not a normal racing line, and he did not take it any other lap. I don’t think it was a blatant take out move, but it was not a good/clean ... more »

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I wanted to be a No-Toil guy, I really did. I swore by Bel-Ray for over 10 years before I was convinced to switch to No-Toil. It’s affordable, applying is easy, cleaning is easy, no chemicals/petrols needed. I bought new filters for all my bikes and ... more »

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Maybe a rider wants to use a auto (rekluse style?) clutch, but the team is sponsored by a company that doesn’t offer one. Or maybe rider wants to use one brand of suspension, but the factory uses a different brand on their production bikes and therefore ... more »

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Thanks for you expert insight and perspective Matt. I would however like to play devils advocate on the cost. I know it’s not the same thing as factory Honda parts, but the Nihilo billet TI set seems legit and they only run $800/set. How can they do ... more »

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If you were riding the FTR motocross and hare scramble series in the early to mid 2000’s, you may have seen my dad and I in a white Honda Accord pulling a 3 rail trailer down I4 many of times! We made it work for a couple of years until we could afford ... more »

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Hot Take!! Webb let go? AMA fist fights? Got any more details?

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You’re right on philG I have an extra of just about every bolt, nut, washer, spacer, bushing, groumet, lever, hose, cable, filter, fluid, etc. for my bikes and it all fits in a few milk crates/tool boxes that I take with me when I go riding. My local ... more »

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Exactly! I’ve had a rear wheel explode and feel very lucky to have gotten away un-injured. He made the right decision IMO

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My chick really digs the make up to mud segment. She is actullay now interested in riding and getting her own dirtbike, and I’ll give the segment a little bit of credit for providing some inspiration.

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You can buy GA tickets anytime, I almost always but GA tickets day of at Daytona. As far as trackside viewing goes, as long as you get a trackside pass, you’re good.

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It is somewhat busy on weekends, can get a little crazy over holidays. You can ask the Park Ranger when you leave and they’ll tell you the day’s attendence, if I remember correctly, the average non-holiday weekend is like 250ish riders I went to Croom ... more »

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From what I understand...It’s a job with a high level of intrinsic value for a uniquely talented, and very passionate person. Not a ton of extrinsic value, even at the most elite level. It’s a “dream job” for the right person, often times “dream jobs” ... more »

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