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Maybe they should have put lime down?

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Where is the dirt coming from? Native or being trucked in?

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I’m a couple years out of the loop, but I think it’s about $45/year for membership. On another my local off-road series, some races will be AMA sanctioned and others not, all within the same season...I think there may be some insurance advantages ... more »

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Is Ricky drunk?

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Just because you don’t agree with or believe something, doesn’t make it a conspiracy theory.

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Anybody notice AC cringe after taking a swig of the monster can at the end of his fast qualifier interview? I know they can water for those guys, but looked like somebody may have had a mix up.

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You will not get “inspected” at Croom unless you have an annual pass. Otherwise, just buy the day pass and you’re good, I think you have to buy online now and not at the guard shack anymore. I would highly recommend Croom for off-road riding. For MTB: ... more »

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Not even in the same league durability wise.

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Fake News! Please provide any info other than vital speculation that Harley “ruined” Alta,20/Would-AJs-ride-made-a-difference-on-Altas-outcome-if-2-years-ago,1382918?exclusive_forum_user=false&page=1 Read ... more »

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The only crying worse than Barcia when he gets paid back, is you complaining about Barcia all week.

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I can’t speak for everybody, but the best trails in Florida (dirtbike or bicycle) are on previously mined land that is now state/county/city parks, and you cannot ride a motorcycle there, so E-bike is next best thing.

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In the Boggle/Cianciarulo practice crash, there was a flagger waving the yellow flag. Visibility of the flag was very clear from the TV camera view, as for on track, I can’t say. Bogle throwing his hands up insinuating that someone other than himself ... more »

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Be like Dungey? Remember when Dungey “took out” Stewart?

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Motion Pro SealMate, and change oil at a reasonable interval.

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Agree. And yeah the coverage and live streaming is really good.

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I remember Seeing a D9 and 349 excavator amongst other equipment in videos. That’s mass earthmoving stuff, not moto track building/maintenance. Insane overkill, even if his goal is to constantly change up the track. The d9 and 349 combined have an initial ... more »

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Fist thing I thought of when I saw “pro natty”

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The “gold plated spokes” justifies the 7k

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20 years of using bel ray and had zero issues. I had issues with sand getting past new filters using Notoil on 3 different bikes. Switched back to bel ray and haven’t had an issue since. Play whatever blame game you want, I’ll stick with bel ray thanks ... more »