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Oh c'mon. When it was first mentioned Ryan was on a 2 stroke Ralphy blew it off then Emig and Ricky talked about it a little. Nothing on Renner who had a great ride going. Then they they all stroked each other off while saying how great the 4 stroke ... more »

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RIP and my thoughts and prayers for family and friends. Mstock, we don't care if you understand or not but just keep it to yourself. I bet you have no weakness either. You won top honors for Dbag of the day. Go pound some salt you clown!

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That is why I have been lurking for so long and can't get myself to post. It is very difficult to have an intelligent discussion with most here. Don't get me wrong, there is some great people and info here but alot of d-bags and most good topics go sour ... more »

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I wish some on here would just understand that the new Yamaha design would be more than sufficient for 99.9% of the human race but for some reason James has not and probably will not adjust to this bike. He is the .1%! He knows it, we know it and JGR ... more »