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Hey Jay, who the hell you think you are? Fucking clown! Get lost and go back to spankin your monkey. Renner, Awesome job. Got some big ones for sure. Impressive! Now go have some fun.

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Get your dick out of his ass (in your dreams of course) long enough to reply with a real answer. C'mon dude, you sound like a little whiny bitch. Hanny should try racing with real men and not X-games and don't give me this bullshit about it doesn't pay. ... more »

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Ding, Ding, Ding, Winner - Winner = Chicken Dinner! 450s in SX is just stupid, MX ok but RC has said before that the speed that he and Stewy were going when they battled felt like it was as much as humanly possible. That was several years ago and these ... more »

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You are joking right? Just trying to jerk some USA chain? If not, once again refer to the flying frog comment. Every year it's the same ole thing. Tony is fast and so are alot of GP guys but the USA is faster and will win the MXDN. It really is that ... more »

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At least it's not just BNG. I think the bike looks and sounds (from the updates) pretty solid. Change the fucking plastic if you don't like it, jeeesh. Red rear fender? That's fugly. All considered, they should have kept the champion yellow.

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[/img] That CR is clean!!! I just finished this 2000 RM125 that was in bad shape and kinda turned into a later model RM. With no welder it was interesting but it came out ok.
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Yes Coly, enough is enough. You're just digging deeper and deeper. I know us Americans are easy to hate because we are the best at motocross and we will prove it again in a few months. I know what you're gonna say, blah blah blah. We'll see who has sand ... more »

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Give me whatever you're smoking because you are so fucking high!! or maybe just dreaming, wake up!

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Maybe you should follow?

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I don't care what anyone says, and I'm in no way a fanboy of any rider, just love the sport BUT the rest of the 450 class is in trouble because James will win on the Suzuki. The Yamaha was the problem for him. Maybe not for you, me or Davi but it was ... more »

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I find the info interesting but that's why I just read on here and not post. There is too many fucking douche bags that know every damn thing about everything. I mean really, it's fucking ridiculous!! You can't have any type of discussion without some ... more »

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450s are way too much for supercross, period. This sport is brutal on the body anyway you slice it BUT, if you don't think the injuries are more numerous because of the 450 then you're crazy. 450 supercross is just stupid.

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Awesome job dude!! That is really amazing what you did. You got some big brass ones. You go in there with all watching and all the B.S. about the bike being legal and go out and make the night show. Plus you probably had more fun than anyone. You are ... more »

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500guy, you must be just poking fun at this thread and trying to get the 2 strokers upset. If not, you usually do better. You sound like a complete d-bag with your responses. Does the AMA really take everything said on Vital as reliable info and follow ... more »

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Being slower than the leaders is one thing but when you stop trying and start rolling jumps, not doing triples etc. then get the fuck off the track. It's not like they are at a local race and need to stay out for track time. When you stop racing, they ... more »

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C'mon GuyB, no place on this board for videos with "nigger" being said in them, especially when they're portraying it to be ok. Bad stuff, regardless if he's gangster or a wangster. Just not cool.

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What are you smokin? You can't really tell any difference from a stock pipe??? A Pro Circuit pipe on any 2 stroke 125, jetted correctly will be a difference. Way more top and overrev. If you can't tell then you're not turning the throttle far enough. ... more »

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That is Spectacular!! That's alot of work done awesome. Maybe you could give me some ideas for my project. I am in the middle of restoring a 2000 RM125 that was beaten to death by the wheelie boyz or somebody similar. It was left outside for years. I ... more »

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Pretty easy question to answer. He has so many titles, only one to really give Ricky fits, undefeated season, Bubba scrub, T.V. show, does sick things on the bike, etc. but there is no need to get all sensitive or throw out the race card. Lets face it, ... more »

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Kongols, you must feel on top of the world this week. James rode great Saturday and probably has more of that coming, oh, of course that is if his ass isn't too sore from you pounding it all week. It's great to support riders but you take it to a whole ... more »