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Fuck you Douche bag! Keep wet dreamin.

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Sorry that happened. I HATE people who steal. SCUM! Hando, you're getting your ass handed to you today. You deserve it for that comment. Douche of the Day!

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Herlings won both of his motos at the 2012 MXoNs. He also came to the USA and beat everyone, RV, JS, RD etc. and lapped them all at Southwick one year. He is the FMOTPM (mars)

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Holy Shit DirtBikeRider, put your dick back in your pants and clean up your keyboard. Herlings is a bad mofo in the sand but cmon. From all the shit I read from some (not all) of you Euros, I expect Herlings to win at the Nations. You have placed him ... more »

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Can you tell/show me when, how, and who he was involved with? Then maybe we can discuss further. Thanks

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I'm sure he has what he wants at his disposal and I'm also sure Mitch and the guys probably have the bike working pretty good. Peely, your post kill me daily. Funny shit.

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The 450 is not making injuries happen less, that's for sure. If anything could be proved in a study, I am sure the 450 is the reason for some increase in injuries compared to the 250 two smoke. Plus like we have discussed over and over, the racing would ... more »

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Maybe you should be his riding coach? Hell, you could just take out the post from Bobby and Coyote and share them with Zach.. Between the 3 of you, he should learn how to ride properly, have heart and maybe order some pool supplies. Fuck, what the hell ... more »

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I may like some riders better than others but never want to see anybody go down..??? Plus that just makes the race not as exciting. Some may come across arrogant but shit, you're only seeing a podium speech or little interview, then again we also can ... more »

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No problem with me but not sure if the right time. It sounded kinda stupid. I guess God was great to him during that moto.

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Wow! MotoMasters was awesome. I was back in NY for the first time in several years and drove right by the exit. The memories are awesome except that I knew I could never win unless Paul Carpenter was absent but loads of fun at that place.

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Not really, you just think they're pounding their chest when actually they're just trying to respond or explain to those arrogant Euro post about winning the MXoN every year. Can't apalogize for the USA being so great because it's true. When someone ... more »

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I had that setup on a minivan. Not sure about a Jetta. It worked fine, easy to load bike on and off. No issues for me. It looks and feels like alot of weight on the back end but never had a problem on some pretty rough pit roads. I had a yz125 at the ... more »

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Peely has this one for sure, no contest

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Maybe if you stated it like this to start with we could have gotten to the point quicker instead of ranting about backing the fuck up and if you don't know this, you're a noob and saying people are ranting and spewing shit. Check yourself before spouting ... more »

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No need for a panic rev. Calm it down Bro. Everybody posting is very concerned and hopes nothing but the best for Josh. He is just sharing some of his thoughts, no jokes about the situation. . Relax and don't panic. Ridiculous.

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BradMOTOxKnowitallDouche take a chill dude. You sound so angry and crazy! Oh and yes, you sound like the nuthugger. Let the boys race and they are both smokin fast. Breathe, innnnnnnnnnnn and outtttttttttttttttttttt. Relax.

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This is where things start to get out of hand. The OP was just throwing this out to talk about and have fun. He even says he knows it's not logical with the current economy. He's not trying to fix something that isn't broken, just something to bs about ... more »

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Agree, nobody can win on the Yamaha reverse technology crap. Cool idea but it's not working for top national caliber riders, Period.