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Kongols, I advised you to stop long ago but you keep going. Your pathetic Euro ass is embarrassing to other people from there, especially Latvia. Face it, you hate anyone, anything that is superior because they or it is American. Maybe you could give ... more »

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Hey Kongols, please stop before you keep looking more like a douche (if that's even possible). Maybe Stewie can go race the GPs and then your wet dreams can become real and you would just go away. I mean really, it's painful to read a thread when you ... more »

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Hey, Choppy and you other fanboys need to stop with your nonsense. We all wanted James to race the series and be safe and finish but finishing outside the top ten is not James just being patient and conservative. The real James could back it down a notch ... more »

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Sorry dude but I have been around much and if you don't think the Geico or PC bikes are superior to his bike now, please send me whatever you're smoking. But for real dude, you would want a pro circuit Kawi over a yamadog, right??

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Hey BDOG, I am behind my keyboard and I am saying FUCK YOU and pretty sure Chad is too and if you want to waddle your ass down to Raleigh I will sure as hell say it to your face. Don't be a tough guy. I don't even see your sorry ass listed in the top ... more »

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WOW!!! Sounds like CamP has x-ray eyes. He can look at a bike and tell what it's washed with. PaaaaLease, maybe it fades all your bling-bling anodized parts but if you are a serious racer and take care of your bike I'm sure Simple Green is fine.

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A response post? You have to have some post that are worth anything to be able to take what you say serious. . You have 16738 post and everyone of them is worthless. Get a clue Bob and try to get up to speed or just stick to the pool.

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I gotta say, " I hate kids" sounds like you're a fucking spoiled, self centered, hey look at me kinda guy. You don't need respect because you have to earn it and you cannot earn it with stupid post like that. Ok, now get back to yourself because it's ... more »

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Wow! Jtomasik, you sound a little butthurt yourself. You sure did read a lot into what Kongols said. Relax, I rode with the likes of Ty and many others but you don't see 12K post here. Sure Kongs likes the Stew but you sound like you have Villos nuts ... more »

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I have to agree with you Kongols, someone else sounds dum-dum.

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Sucks so bad to have your stuff stolen and I hope you get it back. I will keep looking. Also, considering the cops, you can't group all cops together because there are some good ones but just a few. Most are power hungry assholes with no business being ... more »

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I hear you Doc. Didn't you know that most here at Vital are FAST local A riders or Pro.

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It's like everything in life, it's not who you know but who knows you. Happens everyday

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Why so negative? It's a forum and the topic is getting response and attention. See Terry, that's what's wrong with this place. No disrespect to you but why comment like you did? You are a moderator and are being a dick. Just don't respond if you don't ... more »

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Hey, how bout any race where a non American or non AMA rider is passed by a GP rider? You are fucking so lame McDork.

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No, but he has all the answers and knows what's best for you. So listen up! I read the first 6 pages and I can't believe the amount of bullshit spewed from TFS. STFU dude and go do your little diet alone and feel all tingly. Jeeeez, stop acting like ... more »

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I feel the same way. James is one of greatest and owes any of us nothing but if he wants to tweat out shit like this and not be able to race for wins and IS doing it for the check then it's a Douche move. If he's really trying then he's got bigger brass ... more »

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Fucking music sucks. He rides good but not near pro level yet. No disrespect but I could ride at or above that level. If he really wants it, go through the area and regional qualies and goto the ranch and prove it. The cream rises to the top and if he's ... more »

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BevoDave may be an ok person but still a stupid name. C'mon dude, don't be a douche. ALL BALLS RACING named for a ball bearing company. What is stupid besides your comment? Really?? What is your company name again? Just keep your fingers from typing ... more »