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Ex District 3 here. I was only B class. I raced 125B when Carpenter was too.

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I can agree that some of the changes to the track were needed but still can't understand why they got rid of the original downhill start. I was lucky enough to get the chance to race the original track a few times and it was so much fun. By far my favorite ... more »

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No fucking way Cairoli is ahead of Dungey. Cairoli is fast but we have all seen RV have everyone covered at all times except Dungey. He is the only one somewhat close to RV and I don't see Cairoli being any closer. And also, the way some of you have ... more »

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They are still legal but the lawsuits did happen and more will come. The cig. companies have taken a big hit, still ok but not like the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. I drink 1 or 2 Monsters a day in the morning. Instead of coffee, I have Monster. I am a big ... more »

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Roczen won GPs so he came to USA for more competition! = man Herlings won GPs but doesn't want more competition, at least yet! = boy MxMatti is the biggest DOUCHEBAG in the GPs and let hope he stays because he will sure win that title here too! = Douchebagboy ... more »

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Model year, dork!!

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I know it's probably real hard for you but try and stay on topic. You sound like a total DOUCHE Lefty and a real tough guy behind your keyboard. If there is any joke at all, it's you! Good luck Justin and will be following you.

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Hey Pecker, slow down and try and read this. Fuck you. Did you get that?? Seriously, you're being a dick. stop

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Yeah, you lost me when you said all the fights you have been in - in your ADULT life??? c'mon, if you're an adult and getting in fights you got issues. Really? Fights as in plural? As an adult??

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I have to agree with Smeg on this one, PED's will help a racer. It's not just take them and go faster but what it helps you accomplish, working out, riding more, focus longer etc. and in return you will get faster. I don't think RV is taking them, he ... more »

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Credit for posting but I hope he called and apologized to DC and Mike G. first. He really had no choice but to give in sooner or later. I have fucked up before and it's a wake up call. Now is the time to lay low and prove what you said in the letter. ... more »

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DC handled this correctly and he had too. Bottom line. It's hard to understand how TA can't stop and think what he is doing to his son. He supported him through the am ranks and are tight which is understandable but enough is enough. He has to see that ... more »

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Yeah, really is. Po Po

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Well, let me start by saying I raced mx for many years and broke, dislocated many bones. I really enjoyed the pills when I got them. Then one day it hit me, I wanted some even though I wasn't hurt. Now, 10 years later MY LIFE IS RUINED! I let down a ... more »

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4 strokes are just plain boring, simple as that. Boring to ride, boring to race and boring to watch race (compared to 2 strokes). It would be so simple to offer a better product for the mx community. It's called a 2 stroke engine. Real easy fix that ... more »

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I think what is trying to be said and probably agreed on by most here is that for 90% of us or more that love racing will never be able to make a true comfortable living from it. Yes, you can be in your teens and early 20s, work your ass off, get sponsors ... more »

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C'mon Slippy, was a douche move. No need to put anymore risk in what;s goin on out there. T.V. showed KC catch him pretty quick and pass him. No payback needed at that time.

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Bingo! I was always able to access several gravel pits, power lines, pastures etc. from my home. I could ride the side of the railroad tracks to get there. There was also three different tracks we could load up and drive to that were within 10 - 15 mins. ... more »

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Herlings is afraid to come to the U.S.! That's ok for me, we'll take the real men like Roczen and Musquin. When a U.S. rider can't find a ride here or is not up to speed with the best then he will come race for you on the other side of the pond. Enjoy ... more »

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Surprise, surprise!!!! We have another Douche named Djerk75. Maybe you can change your name to Djerk#1. Your quotes are full of bullshit and your English sucks too. Go away, back to your little world. I know getting a chance to bag on an American is ... more »