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You're whacked out wiskey, maybe on Whiskey. I'm pretty certain Mitch and crew know what they're doing. You can't be serious? C'mon man, use your noggin!

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Holy shit Katoomey, you seem to be so worked up over this. You did start the name calling over other posters opinions. I don't think bullpen658 wants to trade post with you trying to defend his opinion. So go fuck yourself and believe me when I say, ... more »

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No more questions Big Lenny, please. You can't seem to grasp what it means. If you have ever raced with at least an ounce of heart or passion then you would know what it means. It sounds like you're really struggling with this topic. The only person ... more »

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yeah, not sure what your post means but John250 made a newb post about James being a train wreck last night. Maybe in the past but last night he looked good from practice to the main but lost it in the woops going for the lead. Just a racing deal and ... more »

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I was going to let it go but when I saw the message you sent Lostboy I had to jump in. You being 52 and saying you are some tough guy and threatening people is a fucking joke. The joke is on YOU! I sure wish I was on the West coast because I would take ... more »

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News Flash!!!!!!! We have a winner, winner, chicken dinner. Kent Christensen is a Douche Bomb. How can you diminish what RC did?

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That's an awesome response. "So mount your donkey and ride off back to non moto." Had to laugh out loud when I read that since I have read this thread from the beginning and sounds like a bad deal for an awesome track but Hucky, you sound like a complete ... more »

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It's Saturday, no class today Regis. Just like you though, no class but if you wanna take Coal to school maybe you can find the playground. and please no more bedtime stories bro. I got no issue with MotoXXX but you sound like a whiny little bitch trying ... more »

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i'll read about cerebrospinal fluid and while I do that why don't you read up on how to post on a message board without sounding like a complete douche!

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Yeah, give it a couple weeks and ease back in, you should be fine from any further damage. You will have to live with that big bump, it doesn't go away. Now if it was a dislocation it's a different story. Not sure what hurt more, the dislocation or putting ... more »

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Sorry, not impressed at all with your vid.

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Hell, I didn't even notice how old it was but I was interested enough to read it all. I was #347 for most my time in District 3 and then when I moved south and became just a washed up old timer I ran #66. i

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Sondy and 35smom you are missing the point considering what I said. I even said I don't need to know his name. I guess it's Manny. I'm sure he has helped a lot of guys and never said anything like he doesn't but he does type a lot of industry stuff and ... more »

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I really don't post much at all but like to keep up to speed with moto. I must agree that 'TeamGreen' does come across at times like he's hiding. He can sometimes drop names and info like a little kid. I don't need your name but what do you do in the ... more »

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500guy gets it!

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Lets hope GuyB can make sure he's not here all week. I'm surprised he has enough time to post while being so far up RVs bung. I mean really douche, you sound like you're 6 years old and a true fagboy, oops, I meant fanboy. (not)

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Most A riders or pros I know just let their riding do the talking. If you have to keep reminding everyone you are a quad pro then you are probably a good local rider that collects a envelope instead of a trophy for 9th place. If you were to race against ... more »

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I agree. It's a transition that takes a little time. I would love to see him battle with RV right away but lets be real. Maybe he can do it but probably will be a little ways off. He's an animal but damn, I have never seen anyone but RC tame a 450 like ... more »

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AWESOME vid. Whatever anyone thinks of the track, you have to admit it looks like soooo much fun too ride. Those rev limiters were getting a workout. The changes they made look awesome to me and that track just flows so good.

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You have to be out of your mind! Do you even follow this sport at all?? Do you know WHO DeCoster is?? He is an American citizen, lives and has lived in America for decades, works in America, files taxes in America and is a legend in motocross. I am a ... more »