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Kudos to RV, love the guy but there's only one GOAT=RC

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I have a 2014 ktm 150sx and was wondering if I could use a cheaper plug. I change them often and never foul but the br9ecmvx is $25. Can I use the BR9ECMIX that is around $12. I know the tip on theach stock plug is supposed to resist vibration and breaking ... more »

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A fracture is the same as a break, different word. Fracture does not mean just a crack.

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Great, thank you guys

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I just need to mellow the bike a tad until I can ride it the right way which is wide open everywhere. I did add a 50t sprocket which did help but was curious about the ignition from what I've read.

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I got a new 150sx after not racing or riding in 12+ years. I'm 45 on Nov. 14 and was so disappointed on my few short rides at NCMP. I grew up racing 125s and got decent in my 20s in the Bible class but after this long gap i'mail finding it hard. My question ... more »

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In the same boat, I used to be top of 125B class and even won the +25 class on a 125 in early 2000s but at after over 12 years I bought a new 150sx and 2nd ride I broke my shoulder and had surgery. I have rode twice since a surgery and It's just not ... more »

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I don't think he was caught with amphetamines but tested positive for it. There is a difference, believe me. Get your shit straight before blabbing off.

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They should of never prescribed them to all the Joe shmos that came in for a back ache or soar foot. Now get back UP on your horse.

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Wondering if anyone knows if the Acerbis frame gaurds for a 2016 KTM will fit on a 2014? I know they did alot of changes to the 150sx but don't know if the frame dimensions changed. Thanks for any help

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If they aren't having fun then that's when the results start going bad. Looked like Roczen had a blast over the summer, Webb, Tomac at MEC. If the enjoyment or motivation are no longer there then that's when it's time to retire or quit.

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2014 but acerbis flo kit and 180Decals did graphics
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GFY St.Annie

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Before I spend money sending my forks out for revalve I would like to remove about 15cc of oil to see if this helps me better but, i'm not familiar with these forks. Am I just unscrewing cap, collapsing forks to measure oil height or am I gonna screw ... more »

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Why would anybody care so much what class he rides?? Such a small number of people get rides in this sport and he continues to get them so good for him. Maybe he has a good agent. He gets to continue to do what he loves and get paid for it. Teams must ... more »

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That bike is sick! Very nice

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Agree, no way RV would have dethroned RC. Let's not be a silly Sloan. RC hated losing more than anyone. If RV took a moto, RC would demolish him the next moto just to prove a point. He was a machine.

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Thanks again. I ordered a set and they look

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Same issue here. Test 3 doesn't play. S7 here

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Must be a joke. Your pipes bends when you corner?? You better put that other pipe down.