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Trailhopper tried to be cool but it just blew back in his face like a big wad. Maybe he likes it. Seriously, kinda dickish to be saying shit like that even if it was a cheper helment. Not everybody can have top of the line shit like you and race the ... more »

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"It seems a lot harder to stay healthy these days " It's those damn 4 strokes!

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Really? Going out on a limb don't you think?

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Oh c'mon Sparty, get the fucking sand out of your vagina. just kiddin bro.

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Henderson is a fucking shithole. If you want to live in NC then you have to be in Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Ashville etc. Once you get outside the surroundings of the major towns it gets pretty bad, run down, poverty, trailer parks galore. NCMP ... more »

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Too many fucktards like you must be reading at a 1st grade level. All the Unc did was say RV was on it for 9 laps and no more. He didn't say "if this happened or that happened RV would have won" Plain and simple. I can't help how your brain mixes it ... more »

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Been there at least 10 times and never any problems. I have stayed downtown, Hilton, Hyatt, and Sheraton and had a blast. Park your car and use the Marta. Train will take you wherever you need. Buckhead is the place to go after and the strip bars are ... more »

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Really?? Cool story bro!!

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Jeffro503 hits the nail. More gate drops and less fucking around between heats. New and old fans love the start of motocross because it's AWESOME. Agree it's a little harder to follow for new fans but it's not rocket science, top 4 from heats x2 races ... more »

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It doesn't bother me with what he said. Most racers have been a spode at one time but if he doesn't want to race with them, get your ass in gear with the heats and semis. If he has been finishing in 5th-10th place in the main then he should be making ... more »

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If the testicle part is true then he doesn't put them on the same as you Lenny, because you have a vagina. Probably have sand in it as well. Sounds like time for a big DOUCHE!! You're way off base acting like you know what's right for Chad and Ellie ... more »

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Why not? Yeah, I think we should try to get new fans involved and I hope NJ works this year but if the fans don't show then I say bye bye. Sport won't grow on empty seats. I don't care if all the rounds are at Atlanta if the tickets sell and it's on ... more »

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Fuck off Regis. Everyone gets it, you don't like Jeff but you sure don't know what really went down so just zip your hole, douche

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Wow Trav138!! Maybe you should put the pipe down? It's just a board to discuss. Oh, you must be one of those internet tough guys who block passes for 5th place in the local C class.

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So I will get OEM I guess.

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I think he's talking about his buddy, MA 800.

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Yeah, he raced a lot at Broome Tioga in the B class and was pretty fast. His Dad did a lot of announcing there and in that area.

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That's so dumb to say why would he come to the U.S.. Because it's were the top MX series is and he has won everything in the GPs. He has all the right to not come and be happy with what he's won but a majority of racers would take the opportunity to ... more »

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Give her some clothes! I love looking at chicks as much as anyone but supercross is trying to grow and be more mainstream but we have the Monster girls looking like skanks while RC, Jeff and Ralph in suits trying to look professional. It just cheapens ... more »

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I believe Deano would probably be better off this year on the 450, at least to get that learning year out of the way. I know he's banged up some but Anderson and Cole have him covered when I believe Mitch expects him to win and nothing less. I have always ... more »