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Yeah ,that really piss me off .I travel a lot to Bulgaria and I can't watch out side of US. That sucks big time.Did't have that problem with NBC Gold.

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Reply to Red Bull | Behind the Bullet with Jeffrey Herlings 10/5/2021 3:10 PM

At 2:35 minute mark:Is that a new SG12 Boot?And what is that plastic shin connected to the ankle hinge?

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+1MX250 title

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Actually they showed that during commercials from the sky cam

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Yeah too much bro show.I couldn't agree more

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Yeah, happened to me on a high speed triple jump.Still get the chills. Funny thing is that I knew ,no I felt it ,that the guy will not jump and mess me up.

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Yeap ...I don't like anybody talking shit about a down rider either,but I really don't like when someone one is acting like they know everything and they are big guys in this so small industry .

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If that's the case I agree with you.

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No disrespect ,but he has a point.

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And that is definitely not a Husqvarna swingarm .

Reply to Herlings honest interview,money, girls and titles 1/29/2021 3:13 PM

Pretty funny interview .

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Yeahhhhh,really happy for him 😀

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Yep ,Roczen and Wilson sitting together 😂

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My jaw dropped when he passed Malcolm 😅

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Yeap I do ESET NOD32.Should I paused it?

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My download speed is 68.23Mbps.

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i7 CPU 2,67GHz,8.00 GB RAM

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Yes,thats correct.