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Trifold tamp. Easiest thing ever. Ride it up. Walk it down with the front brake. have been doing this since I was 12.

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For a 6.0 powerstroke look into a company called innovative diesel. They do awesome tunes for then. The sell an sct x4 with their custom tunes on it for around 450. By far the best tunes you will get out of a 6.0. I personally have a bully dog with their ... more »

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Just passed through here. I thought it was going to be stupid. But wow that was probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It literally was night time for a few minutes

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The city I live in is in the path of totality and it's starting to get crazy here. People renting out their yards as camp spots and all that. I just had to run to Walmart to grab a couple groceries. Wow that was a mistake. Soooooo many people. They were ... more »

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The shop I work at had a laser cutter that could whip those out so fast. That is if they're flat.

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Agreed. I'm not a big fan of a lot of the can showing.

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Our jayco octane 222 says it's half ton towable. After having it fully loaded there's no way I would try it.

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DEF diesel exhaust fluid. DPF diesel particle filter EGR exhaust gad recirculation All bull crap for emissions that makes a diesel truck run like shit. Takes an engine that should run 500k miles and knocks it down to 250. And the systems are riddled ... more »

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The turbo isn't the expensive part. It's all the labor. The turbo for your truck is only around 2 grand. Diesels suck for labor. The oil cooler in my 6.0 clogged up on me a few weeks ago. My total bill was 1200. Parts were 275. This is the biggest downside ... more »

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The eco boost f150 is an absolute animal. They tow better than you would believe. I've towed.with one a few times. Don't get me wrong. They're not going to be like a Diesel that will pull whatever you want however fast you want. But I have decided if ... more »

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Sounds like someone tried to pull a fast one and it bit him in the ass.

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6D helmets have to be madatory.

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Might as well make a 5 mile per hour speed limit mandatory also.

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Utah is a great place for Moto. Ogden. Delta. Saint George. And there is always arenacross there in the winters too

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You could also cut a water bottle

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Abbrasive flap wheels on die grinders work really well for me. Then just buff it to your liking.

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Me and the wife were camping at Palisades over the weekend. And we heard a couple sport bikes and cruisers/Harley's go by. Was probably you and your buddies haha

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I have monster legs. Gaerne are literally the only boots I have found that fit.

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Not be a dick or anything. But looking at all the plastic work they have going on it's very odd that they use basically the same exact shape front fenders as other bikes. This one looks like a Suzuki's and the mx model looks like a Honda's.

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Rode the bike up and down the road a little bit and I am absolutely amazed so far. Has a much softer and smoother clutch pull and engages almost immediately. Thank you Russ. This has always been a complaint of mine and now my clutch pull is the best ... more »