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Long time, no post on this thread. I've logged in a few hours over the past 2 months on the 150, although the chaos of Holidays, family life and weather in the PNW being super cold and wet (and recently been snowing a bunch) has left riding time to a ... more »

Reply to 2019 KTM 150 SX Pro's Con's ? 12/10/2018 7:56 PM

Any rides yet with the Lectron?

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Gear is so tight. I work on the Adidas account at my agency, while also having several friends who work there including my wife! I tried to get a hook up but word is that TLD got to license the Adi branding for the gear/team and is able to sell it exclusively ... more »

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So, how you liking the bike? Interested to hear your take on it. Any adjustments, upgrades etc!

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I have a '19 150 SX and am in love (for the most part). Up until this bike I had been off a MX bike for 10 years after a very bad injury. Before my injury I had been riding and racing for 20+ years. Throughout my riding life I've had several 125's and

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Where you riding tomorrow?

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Nice bike dude! I'm in the Portland area and recently just got back into MX after a 10 year hiatus from compounding my femur (after 20+ years of racing/riding with multiple other injuries). Took me a whole decade to get back on a bike, but just got a

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Redesigned 38mm Mikuni TMX.

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Thanks man! Super stoked. Let me ask you, I know the past 2 year 150's had to be fine-tuned off the showroom floor particularly with the jetting. Wondering if that's still the case with the '19? I was planning on hitting up MXA to see if they have had ... more »

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Thanks man. Really excited to be back. Can't wait to rip the 150. Feel like a kid again I'm so excited. Best of luck with your boy, you got this.

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What's up Kage173, First off, I completely understand where you are coming from. Particularly with the safety and concern for your son. I have a 4 year old boy myself, and he's already scaring the living shit out of me because I can tell he has my genes. ... more »

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Yeah Joe! Let's do this. Let me know when you're back up in the PNW. I'm so down. PM me. Also, tell June I say what up!