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Reply to 1995 YZ-250 long rod. Tom Morgan porting magic. :) 5/5/2019 9:45 PM

My first 'big bike' was a '95 YZ125 bought brand new from Fun Bike Center in San Diego when I was 15. Stared at the bike when it came home to my garage all night. I was a HUGE Emig fan and immediately started working some overtime hours at my pizza shop ... more »

Reply to Private Track in Oregon 5/5/2019 9:09 PM

Thanks for the report. I got sick on Friday and was going to ride Washougal this am but woke up still feeling not in a good spot to put myself out to Moto. Then I thought about going to Pats to at least check out the 'new layout' and get a few hours ... more »

Reply to CBD 5/3/2019 10:02 PM

There are hundreds of CBD brands out there. I was actually just talking about the one I personally use and was trying to be nice and put out the discount code that is already readily available on Google for anyone who wants to save some money. I don't ... more »

Reply to CBD 5/2/2019 2:11 PM

Pure CBD does NOT get you high. Too little THC. The trace amount of THC only acts as a transmitter for the CBD to be better delivered and processed in the body. The stigma around CBD is so absurd. It works. Really works. And it's natural. Pharmaceutical ... more »

Reply to Crazy Motocross Pictures 5/1/2019 4:04 PM

Reply to Private Track in Oregon 5/1/2019 3:21 PM

I rode Pats acres a few times last fall. Was fun but definitely needed some reworking. Stoked to hear on widening and making it longer. I only live 20 minutes from there myself in West Linn, so I'll be checking in on it to get some extra motos in. Washougal ... more »

Reply to New Fox helmet 5/1/2019 3:06 PM

Agreed. Love my current V3. Very comfortable.

Reply to Older Vet guys...and their 125's. 4/30/2019 1:07 PM

@jeffro503, you plan on riding this weekend? Thinking of hitting up Washougal on Sunday (Saturday my wife booked me up for the day wine tasting...I'll try and not go to hard on the vino before ride day hahaha). Cheers brother

Reply to New Fox helmet 4/29/2019 10:47 AM

I think the helmet looks alright. That being said, if the new Fi technology helps protect my brain even better than Mips when I slam it into the ground at high-speed, I'm all in. Concussions are no joke to me anymore as I get older.

Reply to Lectron race tested KTM 125 in 250 Pro 4/29/2019 10:33 AM

Pulled the trigger on a Lectron Slavens Mule HV 38mm for my '19 150 SX. Arrives tomorrow. I can't wait to put it on and ride it.

Reply to Ktm lever help 4/1/2019 10:14 PM

Flo Pro 160 levers. Have them on my '19 KTM 150SX and couldn't be happier. Different feel than stock, but the pull feels more fluid and I love how you can adjust the tension on how loose or stiff you want the vertical and lateral stiffness to be. The ... more »

Reply to Right before you hit the dirt.... 3/19/2019 5:24 PM

2008 Beaumont...end of the day. Been riding and hitting jumps all morning and afternoon with the homies. Should of called it quits i.e. "never say one more time" scenario. Rode down a steep line to a step down jump and just blanked out as soon as I felt ... more »

Reply to Private Track in Oregon 3/19/2019 11:56 AM

Desperately looking to get some extra track time in besides the weekend MX parks. Anyone who wants to let a lone wolf come ride their spot, I'd be more than happy to pay. Just a dude itching to get more saddle time in after a long winter hibernation. ... more »

Reply to 2019 KTM - 150sx 2/13/2019 5:31 PM

The gearbox on the '19 feels awesome. Solid shifts all around. Good feel to the shift points as well.

Reply to 2019 KTM - 150sx 2/12/2019 8:57 PM

I'm close to pulling the trigger on a Keilhin if I can't get my jetting sorted after I did the slide notch cut on the Mikuni. I've only been able to test it once since I did the mod, but unfortunately it was on a pretty cold and foggy day where I didn't

... more »
Reply to 2019 KTM - 150sx 2/12/2019 8:41 PM

Here you go. Sorry for bad photo, but this is taken from my '19 150 SX manual. You'll see that the stock jetting is in bold: A/S 1,5 turns out IJ 30 NDL 42-71 POS 3 MJ 470 This is factory set for 1,000-2,500 ft elevation and 60-75 or 80F temp.

... more »
Reply to 2019 KTM - 150sx 2/12/2019 5:57 PM

I did slightly. Basically built a slight channel from the notch cutout to the cutaway, which directs the airflow through the cutout into the channel. And all edges are slightly rounded off, as air does not like to flow over a square edge. Basically, ... more »

Reply to 2019 KTM - 150sx 2/12/2019 12:44 PM

You can check the gasket without replacing. But if it's apart already, might as well get a new one in there. Ordered mine from JD last night and already in route. PS. Couple shots of the notch in my slide I did myself. Stock:

Slowly making ... more »
Reply to 2019 KTM - 150sx 2/12/2019 9:58 AM

Best way I found to get my carb out is to loosen the lower and upper subframe bolts (you don't have to completely remove them), take silencer completely off, loosen the clamps on reed and airbox side of carb, then lift the subframe up with one hand and ... more »

Reply to 2019 KTM - 150sx 2/11/2019 9:30 PM

Glad you brought this up, BR8ES. Thanks for the reminder! Just last week I was on the KTMtalk thread and JD was out of stock for this part, but looks like they have it back in stock when I just clicked the link you posted. Hell yeah. I just purchased ... more »