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Link to 150 Manual


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He's a new dad and I can totally understand how the demands of that job + travel made it impossible to give 100% to both responsibilities. Being a father obviously being priority numero uno.

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This is awesome. As much as I love the sound and smell of a 2 stroke, e-bikes ARE the future and will only improve as the technology gets better, and KTM / Hus is leading the way for which I applaud them. I was a hater on e-MTB's until I bought a Turbo-Levo. And wow, I'll never look back. But back to e-MX bikes, our industry desperately needs to bring in more riders at a young age if this sport is going to survive. Watching Justin Hill on an Alta ripping, and still raving about how fun the bikes are made me feel ok with the next evolution of MX bike technology. I don't quite understand the hate around them. I get that racing, riding, watching MX with e-bikes will be different, but that's how I felt about 4 strokes back in the early 00's. I still don't care for 4t's and the way they changed MX via sound, affordability, technique and racing in general, but I grew to accept them.
Lastly, no one will be able to convince me that having a ripping 125 or 250 e-bike that you can literally ride in your backyard without every neighbor within 4 blocks being livid and filing complaints, or the burgeoning growth of local tracks popping up in the middle of a sprawling suburb, much like skateparks or bmx parks have been in the last decade because they don't annoy the shit out of everyone around them (like the sound of 4t's do) isn't a WIN... for ALL OF US who love MX.
More tracks + more time to ride = MORE FUN for us all.
Let's go forth, stop the hate, and ride more and more in the future.

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The f*ck? These guys are doing exactly what this sport needs...personality. Look at the fan base they've created from around the world...young and old alike. Not only is Jason a ripper, but he's doing it his way and letting all the fans into life behind the scenes. No secrets, no PC bullshit, no boring "I train everyday, watch me"...Team Fried is bringing personality back into a sport that has been so vanilla for the past 10 years it started to feel like golf, NASCAR, baseball etc. etc. Lastly, Jason is consummate professional. Friendly, courteous to everyone he meets and goes out of his way to make kids i.e. the next generation feel like they have a hero again, on and off a bike.

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Why does Cooper ride faster than 99.999% of the worlds MX riders?

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Works 250SX

So dope!

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