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"Don't try and date me brother, I ain't that old." Much love.

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F1 - Drive to Survive on Netflix. Both seasons are awesome. And incredible to see the technology, driver, and behind the scenes that go on to do what they do. It was fascinating.

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Thanks for your reply. Sincerely appreciate it. Makes a lot of sense and from day 1 have trusted the Medical and Virologist professionals. So again, thank you. But back to the S. Korea question...I guess I should of made my point more clear...why is ... more »

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My wife does. His name was Jeffrey Ghazarian of Glendora, California. Dead at 34 years old. Jeffrey beat testicular cancer 4 years ago and was as healthy as could be the past 3 years, but now he's gone...from CV19, all within 5 days of going to the hospital ... more »

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Understanding that the population of South Korea is 55 million compared to the US of 330 million, I still am eager to research and understand how they got testing sites, kits, approvals and the staggering ability to test over 10,000 people a day and ... more »

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I have same sentiment as you. In some ways, I hope there is a reset in the way financial systems capitalize on the working class and poor while lining the pockets of the powerful as they laugh at all of us fighting each other over trivial shit that they ... more »

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100 Million Masks : "The global demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has created a severe shortage of PPE across the world. While regular distribution channels ramp up, you can help by making a financial donation to support our COVID-19 response, ... more »

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Let's face it. This is our generations World War. And it's invaded our country, and it's invisible. And doesn't give a flying F what your race, gender, sexual orientation or political leanings are. Nor how much money you have in your bank account. The ... more »

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Ride but ride safe. Last thing any ER wants to see is a dirt biker roll in and have to deal with that shit. We might get slapped and told to wait outside while being called idiots. LOL

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"Hard not to be a little excited."... Wow. Thousands and thousands of Americans are about to be infected while some have already died, millions laid off and unemployed, and you're excited for your trading account and 'buy target'... I'm sure you're concerned ... more »

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I hope you're right. I really do. But let's revisit this sentiment of yours in 3 weeks time. I hope I'm a DNF and you win. But for now, I think the SOS from the CDC, WHO and medical professionals who see the looming disaster on our doorstep are correct. ... more »

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"So while people may not be crowding the waiting room of every single hospital in America right now, they are likely crowding more than a few of the ones that are capable of taking care of Covid-19 patients. Especially with the extra care and handling ... more »

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So a state like Wisconsin with 72 confirmed cases compared to a state like Washington with over 1,000 with hardly any tests to confirm all their non confirmed patients in their hospital wards with symptoms doesn't matter? What? Explain your logic, please. ... more »

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Thanks man. Stay safe and healthy yourself and yeah, I ran to drugstore to grab my 70 year old parents prescriptions and people everywhere walking around...saw a brewpub full of people. Blows my f'ing mind.

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I think you're absolutely right. The coasts are the first entries into the US from foreign countries where this entered many weeks ago and we didn't know it. Now those people who came through have traveled to every part of the country probably carrying

... more »
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Like my imaginary nurse friend just told me hours ago on the phone, they are treating people with exact symptoms of Covid, mostly 50 and older in their ICU and ISO with more coming in daily but DONT HAVE THE TESTS COMING IN FAST ENOUGH OR EVEN CLOSE ... more »

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I didn't quote anything from FB or social media sites. It's unbelievable how quick some of you are to automatically go into the mode of 'fake news', 'fake this fake that'. Again, this is hitting different parts of the nation harder right now than "Vista, ... more »

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Thats great. Good for Wisconsin. Seriously. But for f's sake...the outbreak is hitting hard in the PNW and differently across all states in the US. Let me know how everything is next week in Wisconsin....Hoping for the best and latest news today coming ... more »

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Well thats great for her hospital. But she's not an alarmist at all, in fact quite pragmatic and just laid out to me over the phone the realities she's facing and seeing. Don't need you to agree, but our health system was not prepared for this and it's ... more »