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Mitch signed davalos 15 years into his 250 career. So it’s not that surprising to to me.

Added reply in a thread Da whoop monster 3/8/2020 3:12 PM

I mean, seems like a generous offer right?

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I think it may go back even further than that. Something about the Tomac camp accusing Baggett of running a little something extra in his veins at some point. Baggett has the speed to run with Tomac at times (not always) but just can't keep it off the ... more »

Added reply in a thread Does Baggett get penalised? 3/1/2020 6:12 PM

I read it as sarcasm. Assault would be a hilarious charge on that light of a push. Maybe a hurt feeling report could be valid. Something tells me tomacs feelings aren’t hurt though

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I see “SUPR_ _ _ _” What is it supposed to say? The motor got in the way.

Added reply in a thread Moto fitness questions answered 3/1/2020 5:54 PM

Are you asking why you can’t go your sprint speed for 30 min?

Added reply in a thread How much does KRoc's Factory Honda weight, who has the proof? 3/1/2020 4:57 PM

Yeah. Besides I don’t know how those guys in the GPs balance with just one exhaust pipe. Thing has to be 20lbs heavier on the side with the exhaust.

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I didn’t think you ever pointed out of the motocross class. Just supercross. May be wrong there though. And my understanding is that you win an SX regional, you can defend it the following year regardless of points. But once that second year is over, ... more »

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Yea but, can they grow the turf back together? They'll probably just need to use a little more fertilizer and water.

Added reply in a thread Tomac’s suspension 2/24/2020 10:16 AM

I find that hard to believe. Not saying it isn't possible but could you imagine trying to feather the rear brake on top of the bucking the bike is taking through the whoops? These guys are good, but there's no way you could do that lap after lap without ... more »

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If he hasn’t done it by now, there’s a good chance he won’t. It usually one of the first 4 or 5 rounds he has a bad race. He had a bad race a few years back when dungey won. I think it was round 14 or something like that. But his bad race was normally ... more »

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I have dogged Davalos plenty but it wasn't because of his 250 vs. 450 decisions. It's because he has the speed to be a multi time champ and has 0 championships. And his lack of championships is exclusively blamed on his ability to keep it on two wheels. ... more »

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They could just make everyone ride without foot pegs.

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Damn. Was he doing it better than when Tomac passed AC? Tomac absolutely blistered that corner on the outside that lap. Glad to see Barcia hanging in there. I hope he gets better on the east rounds. Most of the time we hear "wait till X" then X happens ... more »

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I'd like to see AC get his first win but you're asking him to go three main events in a row without hitting the dirt. Possible but not probable.

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One of the things I'm liking this year is that the alternative line sections are really comparable. One isn't a LOT faster than the other like in years past. Another thing the track designers could do is give another 10 yards or so from the corner to ... more »

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Yeah I don't know about that. When you're pinned under a 500 degree exhaust pipe, I think rules be damned. Get the bike off the guy at nearly all cost. Especially if he's desperately waiving for assistance.

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I think he's a solid to make the main. Beyond that is just guess work but I think he has a better bike and probably a little more hungry than Reed right now. So I say he transfers out of the heat.

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I do love me a good derailing. You started it. Haha. Kidding man.

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Webb IS their only rider currently and their only chance at a repeat championship. I understand the comment. Just find it bizarre that he would have asked that specific question after 3 rounds. What if Webb told RD "yeah I'm just goofin around here"? ... more »