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Didn't Desalle hang with Dungey late into a few races last year? Seems like if they worked with him a bit on endurance he would be able to contend. Wherever Dungey ends up, I'll still be a fan but I personally want to see him hang with Suzuki. One of ... more »

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I think that altering the riding gear is a good idea but where you gain in better ventilation you give up in either safety, comfort, or durability. Also, the issue that keeps coming up about Lichtle is that kicking the bike really did a number on him. ... more »

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I rode Muenster a year ago. We had probably put in 2 hours of seat time in 100+ temperatures. We decided to go back out for 10 more minutes. In that 10 minutes I managed to break away from the other two people I was with and I managed to ride myself ... more »

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Make that fifth to another Honda rider. . . Windham has a good thing going on right now also.

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I think your selection works for any race. . .

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By Dungey saying he wants to stay with Suzuki, I would think that would be just a ploy to get KTM to consider upping their opening offer. Dungey is a smart man and I'm sure his agent has coached him very well.

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For the life of me I can't figure out why the schedule is the way it is. California, to Texas, to a few races on the east coast and then back west. How is the sport doing anything but deterring the privateers. That's a LONG haul to be able to afford. ... more »

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As long as Dungey gets a good start and can watch a few of Poto's lines, I think he will be there until the end. If Poto gets out of sight fast, Dungey is going to have a hard time. Reed is the unknown factor. Will last week's loss by 1 minute kill a ... more »

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That's a bummer. I wonder what he was doing. He's one talented dude is all I have to say.

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I had never heard of Cannondale making a dirt bike until the other day. Where did the production turn into a flop?

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This. I've been racing one hour races for the last year and got my first blisters this year. The last two races I've wrapped them in duct tape around the area he has blisters and around the base of my thumb and presto, no blisters.

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This. My house got broken into and when the officer came to the house, he said that dogs are better theft deterrants than monitored alarm systems. I bought a great dane after that. It's great with kids and guests but nobody dares enter a house with a ... more »

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Not to say this isn't the case, but did he really forget it or intentionally not wear it. He said he lost some lunch between the moto's. He might have been looking to drop any kind of gear in exchange to keep slightly cooler. Either that or he could ... more »

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Windham is up there too. The bike has a lot to do with it but I think there are more high caliber riders on the Honda's this year. Dungey and Poto keep pulling good starts too so it isn't just Honda. Really yamaha is not real present this year. They ... more »

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Even if Dungey or Villopoto start going 1-1, Reed is going to have to have a 5th through 10th overall for them to make up some substantial grounds on the overall. Reed is just feeling it right now. Doing awesome. I like it. I am also a fan of Dungey ... more »

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It would be cool if Stewart even made appearances in MX to promote the sport and his sponsors. While he isn't contractually obligated to obviously, he would only help his cause in my opinion. I would like to think that if Reed or Windham were injured, ... more »

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Completely agree with this. Either way, he won't make the wrong decision. If he decides to stay and race, I hope he doesn't injure himself. I want to see him last until his goal of 2014 even if it means he races SX only. I think he still has a better ... more »

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I believe there was a delay in the broadcast. They said take it to Erin, and then came back and said we'll take it to Erin after the break. can't remember what the timing was on that but maybe that was when and why.

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Those headphones/microphones are killer.

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Just me speculating and reading between the lines, it sounded like they wanted Short to be on the 350 just for marketing purposes to help build the bike and do as good as he could on it. Win if he could but if he doesn't, help KTM work out kinks in the ... more »