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30*12=360+ The extra 12 getting you 372. Took me 3 seconds to get that answer.

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Dave is the board drama queen. Always aggressive, yet, always the victim. The world would be better if we saw things Dave's way. In his mind at least.

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Where can one watch this film?

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He said it’s everyone else that doesn’t want to hear opposing views. Republican Dave is hilarious.

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Classic Dave. Just using a lot of words to say why he’s butthurt about something.

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I'll say this as a fellow IT person. Spent 10+ years on the business side of things but now in development. IT people are very good at technical problems, but generally not real savvy at money/seemingly common sense stuff.. The math is easy enough to ... more »

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Is Eli contracted for next year? He seems to be enjoying his time on the Yamaha. I could see him racing a couple more years and going for smash town on the all time wins record.

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Where did Coop say he was going back to Baker? Interested to see how that works out.

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Sounds like you have an open checkbook ready to pay for this? You can argue till the cows come home that Feld can afford it, but you know they will pass that on to the spectators, or pull the money from the riders. . . Fantasyland you're living in. Also, ... more »

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Seems like certain riders struggle in certain areas and for one reason or another don't really improve over the years significantly. Webb in the whoops, Tomac struggles off and on with starts, Alessi always seemed to struggle in the whoops, and Ferrandis' ... more »

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Well I got some bad news for you on the AP front. The whoops lately haven't been jump friendly. I think last week they were but the last several weeks riders weren't even trying to jump them.

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This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine. 7.62X51. In some uncertain amount of time it'll have a fancy little thing hanging off the end. That timing is dependent on the ATF getting off it's ass and doing something with a stamp.

... more »
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So the VP and staff took their legal advice from Twitter? Was it "the" Twitter, or like Like the blatantly left leaning Twitter? Cool.

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Hopefully other actors have taken note as to what happened and will decide to learn how to check firearms themselves before using them on sets. 100% Baldwin is responsible. Seems like there was some competency issues on that set from day 1. As for the ... more »

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Think he mentioned before the season or at the end of the last season that he wanted to step out of his comfort zone to find more speed to get towards the front of the pack. At the time I was kinda thinking he wouldn't push his comfort zone just because ... more »

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Tomac explained that he lost confidence with a minor mistake and decided to take second. That's a fair and good logic from him. Catching Anderson would have been one thing but passing would be another. I think if the championship is on the line, Tomac ... more »

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I was curious about that too. I'm guessing technical difficulties or Zach was talking with someone on a team or something. Zach has some work to do. Off to a good start. He's still in the honeymoon phase where RC is giving him softball questions. Maybe ... more »

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Does Eli have more raw speed than RV did? Only reason I ask is because although RV was often faster than Dungey most races, Dungey was not being yarded by RV very often. Margins were generally really close. Agreed that Eli has some insane natural speed. ... more »