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Funny you mention the weihenstephaner hefe. I was just looking at that yeast this morning before I stumbled across this thread. We made a hefeweizen a year or more ago. It turned out to have a great mild banana flavor to it. Turns out, if you stress ... more »

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Sub $500 AR platform guns are really not "decent". They're single stage triggers with light barrels and generally no rail to speak of. They'll fire a round down range, but it's not "nice" by any means. Hell yeah. . . Newmann's back.

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Nichols is really inconsistent. Would really like to see him step it up next year and consistently podium all year.

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I’m only 5’12”

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What did 2Tall Racing offer? Lowered foot pegs that were dropped back a few mm? No matter where you add height it seems like you're trading off somewhere. Higher seat sucks because it hurts you're handling. Lower pegs suck because they you drag ruts ... more »

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Haha. Bunch of 2 strokes with spooge coming out the tailpipes? If that's your thing.

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Ha. It isn't necessarily a cost thing to me as much as it is a convenience. I can walk to the airport less than a mile to my house. I also have a Freedom Powersports within less than a mile of my house, but I'll never buy anything from them. Routine ... more »

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I like to mix straight av gas with BelRay Synthetic Si 36:1. The fuel is blue, and the oil is blue. Mixed together, that blue is deeper than Walter White's best and smells sweet as candy. I would fire my bike up in the house if it wouldn't piss my wife ... more »

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All I got is the current rear facing gate and flagged starts. I've watched some off the bike starts and dead engine starts. But that isn't starting gate per se.

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The Indian nations are required to operate as non profits to maintain the tribal benefits. They have all kinds of stupid money that they want to dump to get rid of profits. I do find it odd that they can't find more productive things to do with the money ... more »

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His late career turnaround is pretty cool to see. Not many riders have taken the path he's taken. I hope to see him get a championship as well.

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That's a tough one. I'm enjoying both CW and ZO's progress on the 450. They're both doing surprisingly well. The fire Webb is showing is incredible and ZO has raced himself back into race win contention. It's nice to see some guys getting in the mix ... more »

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Well, they skipped the three stroke so I'm guessing a 6 stroke dirt bike. Or an 8 stroke. Not sure how these things progress.

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Yeah. Dude needs to take some lessons from the Tyler Suszuki dude from Texas. Never breaks character worse or better. He has a game and sticks to it. His mom was golden. Asking if the left or right boot goes on first? If this dude is real, I imagine ... more »

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Will one of you fine gentlemen point me in the direction of Tamir's latest gem? Much TY. Haha. I thought the name of this thread sounded familiar.

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He raced a few local series in dfw several years ago. I remember first hearing of him before demuth lost his leg. Both of those guys would show up and make the other local pros look like goons. Demuth would race the cross country tracks blind and still ... more »

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Agreed with tomacs starts. He is abysmal at them. It’s like he doesn’t practice them. Or maybe it’s like Aledo was with whoops. Could practice them all day long and just not execute in a race. Tomac definitely needs to run starts all week long. And his ... more »

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The nfl has sterile medical rooms to administer iv’s. I don’t know how big the asterisk (or whatever it is now) medical unit they have is but probably not big enough for even 20 riders let alone 40 or 80. I’m a fan of allowing iv’s but the facility is ... more »

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He needs a lactated ringer and an ice bath. Must be some crazy heat and humidity today.

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I can vouch for Harry Backmon. brlatm and I were on the 12th green and a black helicopter (never seen anything like it) landed and he was off on a mission. It looked like one of those stealth jets but just a helicopter form. It was even electric so you ... more »