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My $.02 is that you can work hard, or you can work hard and smart. I always had an appreciation for Dungey's approach to the game. He won championships through training smarter, not just harder. He didn't have the raw speed of RV, but he compensated ... more »

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If anyone is going to do that, it'll be Ferrandis. Ferrandis and DV seem like a "no excuses" kind of team. Will be interesting to see if Ferrandis struggles or excels on the Yamaha.

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Just here to say I don't care what Jett says on the podium. I want to see more of this kid's personality. The dog commentary was kinda funny IMO. And it obviously isn't a huge issue between them. Just some trash talking between fellow racers. Adds entertainment ... more »

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Have they announced where he’s going to land next season? I hope he runs up front a lot on the 450. He looks like a 450 rider on that 250.

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That’s what you’ve been thinking a lot about?

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Got to see John Short go head to head with Demuth when he had both legs at Freestone one year. They entered the 12 pack quite a bit different than everyone else in the class.

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I love our PD's but they're very limited in what they can do. We had a mentally ill neighbor that was terrorizing the neighborhood. Bipolar Schizophrenic that decided to stop taking his meds cold turkey. It was really a tragedy it went on as long as ... more »

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If you only vaguely pay attention to what's happening in the news, you nowhere near get the full story and it's easy to buy into the "cops are executing black people blindly" mantra. For example, they were interviewing a black pastor here in DFW somewhere. ... more »

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Make sure you don't bring any of that Austin "weirdness" with you. . .

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Yeah. I wrap the pan in foil and let it cook like that in the oven. Used a brown sugar base rub with hickory chips for smoking. I use a horizontal smoker with charcoal and add hickory chips and charcoal about every 30 min. Used to dump a bunch of charcoal ... more »

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Decided to smoke a pork butt for the first time. Everything I read said go low and slow. Seemed like I should have taken 16 hours to cook it but I only had 12 hours to get it done though so I had to go a little faster than slow. Smoked it for 6 hours

... more »
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JMart was making his time up in the hills. I think his line choice was just mildly better combined with him being a bit lighter than Ferrandis giving his bike an easier time getting the rider up the hills. I did find it odd that the HP in the Yamaha ... more »

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Air shock is dead but they're looking in the wrong area. What idiots.

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I guess this is a Baggett pass reel? I always thought his pass on Barcia by Baggett was the most insane pass I've seen. How that berm didn't get blown straight out to Spring Creek is beyond me. Fastforward to 1:20 in if you just want to see the pass. ... more »

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Are Right of First Refusals entirely based around salary and monetary offerings? If Barcia didn't really like the bike, and wanted a new bike, could he use that as the basis for leaving? My outside best guess is that Barcia didn't really want to leave, ... more »

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That's some funny $#it.

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The cleanup has begun.

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Glad to see AC win especially with that amount of pressure from Tomac. Tomac got the short end of the stick with mappers but it’s a part of the game. Great racing. Did they drop lap times at the end or were third through fourth playing games back there? ... more »

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Ferrandis is going to the front. Gtfo of the way or he will move you out of the way. No apologies necessary for that one.

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Tomac riding the crown molding. That was a fast line!