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Haha. Welcome to the club. Customer service is laughable at best. Had 4 emails and 2 calls go unresponded to over the course of multiple weeks. When i finally did hear from them they had the audacity to say they found structural damage but were sending ... more »

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This. But why would we want to send the 3 guys that give us the absolute best possible chance at winning? Especially given how well we’ve been doing of late with the current strategy...

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Forkner should have watched the below all-time great YouTube video before proposing. I guarantee it would have made him think twice about his decision... Crazy Hot Matrix Explained- YouTube

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So just to make sure i follow, you’re saying the fact the the riders aren’t fairly compensated in your mind makes the race less interesting/enjoyable to watch in your mind? If you were a rider, i could understand but as a fan? Out of curiosity, do you ... more »

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That was pretty much my takeaway as well... Thanks Kawi for destroying my dream team of:

MX1- ET3
MX2- Zacho
Open- CWebb/JA21

The time when the US could slap together any old team and expect to win is long gone. Love Barcia & Pless but the facts are the facts. They’d both be ecstatic with a top 10 finish in AMA MX at the moment.

Want to have any chance at winning/landing on the podium, we have to send our 3 best riders, period.

The situation is almost identical to USA basketball at the Olympics. Once we started getting our ass kicked we got serious and started sending the best mix of talent and chemistry we could put together. The only diff being MX isn’t a team sport m(even MXoN) so all we have to focus on is talent and talent alone.

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aaand no MXoN

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I thought the same until i actually started to follow it. Now i consider it the purest sport on the planet and a safe one at that, especially relatively speaking. Not saying that’s not a fair natural reaction to the uninformed but the reality is, and admittedly paradoxically, it’s one of the safer sports.

How many UFC fighters have died during or shortly after a fight? Answer? 0. Compare that with Boxing, Formula One, NASCAR, Skiiing, Football etc.

Science has definitely proven it’s not the one punch knockout or quick devastating finish that kills people. And the UFC is for the most part really good at stopping a fight within a split second of a fighter demonstrating an inability to defend himself. What’s lethal in combat sports is the slow accumulation of punishment over a longer period of time. i.e. 12 round boxing match where unlike the UFC, it’s much more difficult to overwhelm an opponent/end a fight quickly.

Anyways, great read Cooksey. MMA and MX are 2 of my 3 fave sports(football being the other) so appreciated learning about a rare intersection of the 2.


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How about your boy Cwebb2? Guess a mudder isn’t the best leading indicator of future performance after all. Usual conditions = Usual 4-6th place finish.

Curious if you’re going to double down on your prediction or concede it was asinine/click bait?

Had it been toward the beginning of the season(ala SX) and raced in normal, repeatable conditions(ala SX), i’d say it was at least logical irrespective of the outcome. Claiming there was even a 1% chance of him winning the title with 4 rounds left and facing a massive points deficit, all based on a single mud race where starts are everything and passing next to impossible(i.e. perfect conditions for cwebb), when he hadn’t even landed on the podium through 7 rounds? LOL.

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Oh man, welcome to being a human. Don’t tell my boss but I make mistakes at my job practically daily. Sorry, my comments were more directed at Weege & Langston(again, huge fan of both) but their lack of understanding/perpetual confusion when it comes to points, overalls, etc goes beyond an occasional mistake. They don’t even technically make mistakes they just flat out don’t know. It’s practically a weekly occurrence. e.g. last lap of race and they’ll say “with that last pass that should put him close to a podium position” or “after today he should be close to taking over the championship lead. We’ll have to tally it up later to confirm”. What? You’re calling the race and you can’t communicate the results in real time? Can you imagine the Yankees broadcasters saying “after today’s big win we should be somewhere near the top of the division”. Yea, never would happen.

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Rock solid B-Team no doubt. But B-Team none the less...

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Amen. There are only 2 possible outcomes from said scenario: AC/Tomac look bad or Kawi looks bad. Might as well assign blame where blame is due. If Kawi made a business decision, ok, let them take ownership of their decision/explain their logic and if ... more »

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This. For the life of me i can never understand why the talking heads up the sport seem to struggle with basic info such as the points standing. Love me some Langston and Weege, wouldn’t replace them with anyone but they always seem to be completely lost when it comes to knowing how the overall results stand when the race is winding down as well as the overall standings. Can you imagine this occurring in any other sport? As if a MLB, NBA, NFL broadcasting crew wouldn’t k ow how the game will impact standings... Personally i blame the production crew as it’s their job to feed the announcers stats/info as they have enough to think about during a live broadcast...

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You’re right. I was referring to the jump itself rather than distance the bike traveled but agree the latter is the more relevant of the two.

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Makes sense. Your word is as good as gospel in my mind so appreciate the enlightenment.

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This would make sense if the riders were tested 7 days a week/365 days a year. In reality, they might be tested a couple times a year. Further, different drugs have different half lives. Heptaminol has a half-life of 2.5hrs. Meaning the active metabolite ... more »

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So I was looking through my pics from the race Saturday and was a bit surprised when i came across the below set. I get this isn’t SX but still, all you hear is how pros like their suspension ridiculously stiff. I didn’t notice it in real time, and am

... more »

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This. I live on west coast of US and Pro Carbon is still my go to for any/all carbon fiber accessories. Product quality? A+. Customer service? A+. Pricing? A+. Easy decision... Made one purchase from light speed for some home covers i drilled in my air ... more »

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Man, Eli sure is “eli’ing”, huh? You calling anyone a vitard is irony at it’s finest. Idiot...

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1) That track was absolutely nothing like the one they’d ridden a few months prior. Personally I’d rather ride a track i knew i wasn’t familiar with than show up thinking i was familiar with it only to find out its completely different. The latter would ... more »

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Putting the awful conditions aside, is it really all that surprising that team USA didn’t perform well in hindsight? Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of both but look how AP and Barcia have been performing stateside since MXoN. 2/3 of the team we sent are ... more »