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That’s a really good point... I’d just add that all he needs to do to start winning races again is to start finishing ahead of competitors.

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I personally don’t think it’s as simple explanation like tight tracks. Going back to Lorettas 1 he just hasn’t shown that world class speed we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing and clearly hasn’t been the same rider since winning the SX title. I’ve always ... more »

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Oh they’re definitely going to use MSRP vs Actual value and definitely are going to select items they’re having a hard time moving. Personally I’d pay the extra $8 to retain the right of choice but hey, at least you gave it shot. Certainly could have ... more »

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@Ping- RE: Lapper solution- Sounds good until a guy in championship hunt has a get off 5min into race and instead of charging his way back into top 5-10 for season saving points he instead gets yanked off the track effectively ending his title hopes. Also in 250 class they’re currently lapping up to 5th so not sure it would do much. How about we just leave it like it is and let the leaders pass the slower riders like every other Motorsport?

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That’s interesting. When I’m doing intense cardio my HR ranges from 160-170 and definitely “feels” like my heart is racing. When I’m on the bike it never really felt like my HR was elevated so i decided to test via a chest straps and below was the result.

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That’s weird because I’m still able to watch all the old MX/SX race replays with my Gold pass on nbc sports app through both iOS and firetv.

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Ad-free doesn’t really matter for SX unless you really value looking at an empty track or an occasional bulldozer pushing dirt around if you’re lucky. MX is a completely different story and well worth the price since it’s the difference between watching ... more »

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Assuming you’re purchasing from a legitimate source, you’re not going to get stuck with “a bunch of useless tix” regardless of what ultimately transpires. It’s not like they can just cancel an event and decide to keep the cash. You’re paying for access ... more »

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Haha. I thought the same exact thing upon reading. What’s next? Proper use of their, they’re, and there on Vital? Ehh, probably not...

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Thanks- I’ll see if i can find it. Interested to read the counterarguments/see if there’s any validity to them.

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In case you prefer to make a decision based on actual scientific research as opposed to a bunch of uneducated opinions:

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Amen. I was actually thinking this very thing a couple days ago and just got done ranting about this in another thread. It doesn’t have to be an end all be all but just a better starting point than you get from the manufactures too lazy to provide more ... more »

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No but i like how it provides suggested settings for air fork and clickers based on rider weight and riding style. For the life of me i can figure out why they don’t provode this info for all models in the owners manual. If they can provide spring rates ... more »

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Did you end up buying the CV’s i presume?

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Is it that this is the first year he hasn’t come into outdoors pissed off from SX? Or is it that he’s tired from a whacky year? Or has the rest of the field closed the gap and made the margin of error that much smaller? Not sure what it is but one thing ... more »

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Agreed- Having Weege and GL call both series would be the biggest upside...

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Congrats- This just may take the trophy for dumbest comment in vital history.

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That’s very well meaning yet financially ignorant advice. For simpletons, that’s probably prudent but financially savvy people and businesses use debt to their advantage every day. Why do you think companies like Microsoft and Apple that literally have ... more »

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Jesus man, you and your never ending straw man arguments are exhausting. First it was whether Tomac had proven himself yet as a racer, then it was SX > MX, now it’s whether or not he felt relief? And the point of your video was to prove what again?

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Yea only he didn’t say any of that and your argument is so illogical it’s comical. Eli stating it was a relief to finally win a SX championship doesn’t have anything to do with which is more important, it simply speaks to his specific circumstances. ... more »