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Class post right there Manny

Added reply in a thread jmart's scar looks 'crazy' 7/19/2018 12:43 PM

It’s just a flesh wound

That looks gnarly. Heal up quick Jeremy.
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The Jorge Prado thing seems to be on again off again. Remember Tim Gajser was the hot rumor last year of coming here in 2019.

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That yellow area marked Indian Dunes will soon be a sea of houses.

Added reply in a thread Thoughts or prayers for Lumpy! 7/12/2018 2:00 PM

Glad there’s an end to this tragedy Steve. The sentence to this POS is still too light for the intent and damage he caused. I hope your on going recovery is going well

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Tweet from Matthes: Quietly in the background the shopping of networks to cover SX has been going on. I hear that NBC might be a leader right now....stay tuned. Lots of things change when TV partners change...maybe that's holding the schedule up a bit? ... more »

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I sure wish Bud Feldcamp didn’t get cold feet

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Tony from Seinfeld, he‘s a “mimbo“.

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Such a shame Glen Helen had such horrid attendance. Really enjoyed the GPs there

Added reply in a thread Any news on Cole Seeleys recovery? 7/7/2018 9:56 AM

There's some "bear" guy that feels your pain. Cole was just at a big drifting event in Camarillo so he must be doing a lot better.

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That is way cool

Added reply in a thread Gavin Trippe, the father of the Carlsbad USGP passes... 7/3/2018 11:09 AM

Wow, sad to hear. In my program from the 76 USGP his picture and comments are the first page behind the cover. RIP Gavin Trippe. Thanks for promoting all those wonderful USGPs at Carlsbad

Started new thread Congrats to Dylan Ferrandis 6/30/2018 8:43 PM

A bit of luck involved but a lot of O/As are won that way. Rode great moving forward through the pack for his first AMA win

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There is your Husqvarna brand ambassador. Deano is awesome!

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I've talked to Nico a couple of times at the races and he's always been a nice and polite young man. I really feel bad for him that he's never found his way back. Here's the "Moto, Inside the Outdoors" segments that were done on him. Might be some answers ... more »

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I‘ve never owned a better backpack than my Ogio

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DC? The Nationals have nothing to do with the FIM. Which section of the FIM are we talking about?

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Great news for sure. Thanks for the reply.

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Any news on his condition? GuyB?

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