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Leave it to APLMAN to have an opinion the exact opposite of mine, Wife and I lived in downtown Seattle for over a year. She works for amazon and I fly for Alaska. We lived in Belltown about 3 blocks away from the space needle. HOMELESS. EVERYWHERE. Place ... more »

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Not a single person commenting on this thread has the resume or merit required to be worth getting under your skin, Ping. Especially not some random Australian dick eating wanker. This is the peanut gallery if there ever was one. Your podcast kicks ass. ... more »

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Surprise surprise surprise, it’s forecasted to rain this Saturday. Who builds an open stadium in Seattle? This race can be counted on being a mudder almost every year. Just wondering if we have any meteorologists here that can decipher the forecast and ... more »

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I love this sport and always will but good god am I sick of the constant bitching of dumbass fans. Always so much complaining and whining. I think the triple crown is a fun change of pace and is honestly better than watching the standard format. I got ... more »

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Maybe Ignite knew this would happen and figured it’d get the publicity it wanted over the controversy anyways. Just like Reed and his 360 camera fiasco a few years ago.

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You mean the same years when Dungey helped the US win MXdN and even won motos while doing it?

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This might sound like a stupid idea, but supercross always feels like such a dragged out series. I’d prefer shortening the indoor series to 12 races. Have it end at the end of March. Give the guys more 2 week breaks between outdoor rounds like the MXGP ... more »

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Yep. No two ways about it. No excuses. Home turf. Best riders. Couldn’t even barely get in the top 10. Embarrassing.

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If they’re not gonna show up and race why even show up. Sure, it might be unfair to expect them to win, but when we send our best riders and they can’t even get on the podium a single time and struggle to break the top 10, it’s embarrassing. Netherlands ... more »

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Some of my favorite looking bikes over the years.

... more »
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I don’t know how anyone could possibly hate on the Langston/Weigandt duo. Their commentating is a damn godsend after listening to Emig and Shaheen for 4 months. Langston’s insights about what the riders are going through on the track in real time is ... more »

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RC literally lapped the entire field in ‘06. He regularly lapped into the top 10. This is not a new trend. Eli has that kind of speed. I don’t know why we’re even talking about this.

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I heard this info from a friend that attended the race, I didn’t see it for myself. I apologize if the above information is inaccurate

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Kyle went down super hard about halfway through the second 450 moto right after the start straight. Was out for quite a few minutes, woke up vomiting and bloody, moved arms a little bit but never got up on his own. Carted off. Looked pretty freaking ... more »

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Being one of two racers to win four consecutive supercross championships makes you a spoiled brat? Wtf is this garbage?

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She retired young and healthy.

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Seriously some people on here are absolute morons. That line Eli took doubling over the last ski jump out of the sand section was about the craziest stupid fast thing I’ve seen since James Stewart’s prime. To think MM let him have it is about the most ... more »