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I know Ralph has worked as a commentator for a few other motor sports over the years, but with the broadcasting rights being shifted from Speed to Fox Sports 1 to now NBC I'm not sure if Ralph has other obligations to fulfill besides SX anymore. It would ... more »

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I apologize in advance if this has been covered elsewhere. Took a quick glance and didn’t see anything about it in here. In the announcement about the US Nationals it looks like the series will extend into October. I have a hard time imagining any of ... more »

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T2: Judgement Day is indeed far superior to the first one. Nothing in the series has come close since. Aliens is better than Alien, but they're very different so it's all good for all those who disagree. Another James Cameron nod. The Dark Knight as ... more »

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Nothing is worse than Crystal Skull.

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I downvoted your comment merely for the absurd opinion that Predator 2 is better than the first. Nothing in that franchise can even sniff Arnolds jock strap from the first one.

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I don't know man, most of my experiences at local dealers are not good. Limited part selections, high pricing, arrogant bro-hard employees... a much better experience is to be had by going online, finding exactly what I need at a super low price and ... more »

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Bikes in general are spiking in value right now for some reason. My brother runs a shop, and he buys a lot of used bikes at auction in San Diego. Last week there was a 2015 RMZ250 with a blown motor that sold for $2700... A year ago you could buy that ... more »

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Louis CK has a new special available straight from his website. I personally feel he was unjustly rolled up into the #metoo movement and feel bad for the dude. I thought his new special was pretty good. Not is best but definitely worth watching. Tom ... more »

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I had heard his leg injury and infection were bad, but holy hell. No idea it was THAT bad. Him saying he's working towards a return to the NFL seems pretty unrealistic to me. His leg almost two years later still looks like he stepped in a meat grinder, ... more »

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Hardly any information available to accuse her of being a victim. She comes off as more of a political pawn for personal gain.

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Canadians are as arrogant as anybody else, and their reputation of being friendly is just as worthless as any other stereotype. And yeah, the hypocrisy of liberal politics is retarded.

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Thinking someone's political ideas are stupid is not the same as being hurt. I haven't stopped talking to a single friend in my life because of their political views. I don't "hide" behind a keyboard to express anything that I wouldn't face to face. Everyone in my life knows what I think and I don't go on the internet to express taboo ideas that I'd be too afraid to say with my name attached to it. I don't push any of my beliefs on anyone, unlike what socialist politics do. Also, I've been to Canada hundreds of times. "Canadians are the friendliest people"... yeah. Sure.

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I've heard and seen plenty from Matthes before this blurb from Ping. I don't hate Matthes. I merely think he's a typical arrogant Canadian with a borderline retarded philosophy on the role of government. If he wasn't such a pussy he could handle opposing viewpoints without allowing it to hurt his feelings to the point he has to shy away and act tough behind a microphone in his echo chamber.

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Volbeat- A Warriors Call

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Watch Matthes defend Joe Biden for his sexual misconduct on a far more credible claim after the venom he spewed out towards Kavanaugh from Ms. “I can’t remember a single verifiable thing” Ford.

Matthes is a douche.

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Are your parents cousins? I’m glad you’re so confident in your physical abilities because you don’t seem to be banging on all cylinders in the intellectual department, bud.

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I think Ferrandis is an amazing racer and although I was not a fan of the move he pulled on Craig, I don't think he deserves all the boos he gets. Having said that, he doesn't do a lot to make fans. My sister-in-law learned French and she always makes ... more »

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It's not like AC is the only one beating Roczen. I think Kenny is probably genuinely happy for his friend, and it's probably motivating to him.