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Who cares, doesn't change anything

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Think I have about 100 hours on my Tech 10s? About 20 hours ago I started getting some holes where the balls of my feet sit on the peg, but really up until now it hasn't been very noticeable. I'm not running ultra sharp Pro Pegs or anything, but I've ... more »

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Regardless of titles and age...Jett does things on the bike that blows people away (even other pros) with seemingly little effort. I think when you have RC saying he's arguably the best he's ever watches, says all you need to know... Will he have more ... more »

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Dude is on another level. Would love to see him be the first 3 time 250 National Champ since RV did it. Chase in his prime vs Jett is gunna be a treat

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And about 1000x the credibility. Guy likes to have fun, I love that he doesn't take things too serious, throws some wild stuff out there. At the end of the day he's the FMOP, so you can't say he's not on to something or deny there's some validity to ... more »

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Because his dad is an addict... There's a reason Christian doesn't want anything to do with his POS dad. I've heard some stories, who know if they're true, but looking at the fact Stingray ain't around the family probably says enough. But hey, Chase ... more »

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Meh, search any bike and you'll find a story about one letting go at 10 hrs, and another going 200hrs on a single piston. Shit happens, people grossly overstate their maintenance/riding abilities, and sometimes you just get lucky/unlucky. Only thing ... more »

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My strategy is as follows: Buy new bike (say 11k) financed at 3 years Ride for about 100-120 hours - generally takes a year and a half Sell bike for around 5-6k which is usually close to the remaining balance I just accept the fact that I'm going to ... more »

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They just sent my buddy a new frame due to a crack. Frame had 100 hours. Seems ok to me.

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I was there last weekend...rainy and 45 degrees. Glad I moved farrrr south from Portland.

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How am I the Karen if you're the on bitching? You didn't even have a point other to just complain (about an issue that's happened like twice over the last 1000 podcasts...)

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Get over it. Steve produces like 10+ hours of high quality content a week. You think he didn't figure it out? You think he doesn't try to put out perfect content and some times things happen? What exactly is your post supposed to accomplish other than ... more »

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I get when riders get injured mid-season and decided to wait till the next to start to get fully prepared. But its total bullshit to just skip an entire season of outdoors because you don't think you'll be competitive. Cairoli, Dunge, Marv, Mookie seem ... more »

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Mostly it all comes down to how long you choose to ride your motorcycle. If you can ride 1-2 days a week, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to work up to 20 min motos no problem. It's all about when you actually ride, how hard and long do you push...I ... more »

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Few things here... Forrest's press release Team Green posted...grammar is not his friend... Also, when you've had both Short and Brayton leave after a year after not meshing with the team, that throws a huge red flag. The two nicest/professional riders ... more »

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Oh wow you told him. You totally owned him with "bugs me is an understatement".... Your meme is unwarranted self-congratulatory

Added reply in a thread Stankdogs Instagram post to Pulp 1/18/2022 11:48 AM and Motosport Hillsboro are two different companies with no connection.

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but in my 2022 MC 450 manual (the online manual) there are pictures and specs for the TLD GasGas edition. I'm sure one is going to be announced soon.

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Y'all do realize Steve does in-depth, career-spannng, one-on-one conversations right??? Virtually every guest WTS has had, has already done a long-form pod, some even 10 years ago. I like Steve/Swap/DMXS/WTS all, and would encourage everyone to listen ... more »

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If it is safe for delicate fabrics, it's safe for metal. I can get a bottle for 3 bucks at Home Depot, and works great.