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If it is safe for delicate fabrics, it's safe for metal. I can get a bottle for 3 bucks at Home Depot, and works great.

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I've gone back and forth on this for so long. Once I finally got a decent paying job, I went out and bought a nice Lariat. But being that I live in TX and drive over an hour each way every saturday/sunday I hate how many miles I put on my expensive truck. ... more »

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Google Kneesovertoesguy. Some interesting stuff regarding knee pain and mobility. Not sure if you're too far gone, but his goal is to reverse the trend of knee replacements in the US.

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I wish they did practice saturday race sunday since there's no vintage racing sunday. I'll be TORN

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Meanwhile here in Dallas we had 2 major MX events and an off road event on the same weekend. Off road races tends to pull a different (and very large crowd) but the number of MX racers isn't huge. Promotors refuse to work together and purposefully run ... more »

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5-6 years ago, the original owner gave the business to the main worker. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago in an auto accident. Can't comment on who or what the current situation is now, but it's safe to say it's not the same business after ... more »

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60 hours is a good time to do a piston on the YZ. Manual will walk you right through the process. I doubt your valves will be out of spec, but get a feeler gage to check while you're in there. You will need a fly wheel puller to swap the cam chain. The ... more »

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Just because you cant spend all the money you have on an Elite rider, doesn't mean you're going to pay other riders more. Just means the guys on top will get paid less.

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No one has any info. Anyone aside from a select few, will always say "i've heard" or "rumors say..." but in reality, they are just repeating what they heard on Pulp or read on twitter.

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Does Jerry leave a team with his own name on it mid season in 2021? lol

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I think one of the most interesting things this off season will bring us, is high profile racers signing with these smaller support teams. Would be a cool opportunity for a small team to grab a guy like Hartnraft or Mumford or Shimoda and really get ... more »

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Ride more. Simple as that. I’d also implement progressive overload to your lifting. 115 ain’t much weight for 185 lbs. you can implement other legs exercises. Goblet squats, step downs, Bulgarian split squats, dead lifts, etc.

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You bring something I didn’t even think about. Jett, the media poster boy, vs Forkner. I feel for him, anything other than a championship is going to be considered a failure.

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Interesting dynamic between him and Sexton. Early on in ametures, and first 2/3 years as pro, Austin was the faster rider. But now Sexton has completely grown into his own, 2 championships and factory Honda 450 ride for the forseable future... If I were ... more »

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For some reason motocross content isn't available on the PS4 app. Works fine online/iOS app.

Started new thread 19 YZ 450 Launch Control Light Flashing 9/29/2020 12:04 PM

Hoping I could get some input on an issue I'm running into with my 2019 YZ 450. I got done washing my bike and changing oil after riding this weekend and noticed that the Launch Control light kept flashing when I started the bike and remained flashing ... more »

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If only the promoters here in Texas could actually work together and give us a good series...Texas Winter Series is awesome, but aside from that there aren't any prominent MX series worth while. Off road on the other hand has awesome turn outs!

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That was just 2020 gear, and they were sold out. The new 2021 gear just came out a few weeks ago, and wasn't on the riders until Millville.

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The stuff the guys were wearing this weekend are all available. Motosport has the Super Tech stuff (what they all wore this weekend). I had a set of the super tech last year, stuff is bullet proof and super comfy. A little tight around the knee braces ... more »

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I don't see why TLD KTM wouldn't let some of their A riders race due to the new rule from MXSports. Get experience now, so they know what the level is for their next year or so. See how they stack up and if they can handle it.