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Reply to 22LR Rifle? 7/11/2020 8:41 PM

Cci is always good too. Its just more pricy like top shelf but performs that way too. For buget .22 that cycles good federal is good for me.

Reply to 2021 YZ250X Interview with Lead Engineer (Humor) 7/11/2020 10:01 AM

Gets me every time! aaahhh hehehehe

Reply to New Vital Classification system 7/8/2020 8:12 PM

I be in the solid C class, but only for about 3 laps! 🤣

Reply to 22LR Rifle? 7/8/2020 7:59 PM

Thats super cool! Get some different kinds of ammo and see what it likes. Federal is usually my go to. Like mentioned before some times those semi auto .22s can be picky about ammo.

Reply to Castor 927 thinner? 7/7/2020 8:57 PM

Likely so, but this is at normal temps in my garage and also tested side by side in the same conditions.

Reply to Castor 927 thinner? 7/6/2020 7:56 PM

Ok, so an update. I got a new bottle. Poured some from each bottle into a clear plastic cup. Just pouring I can tell a difference. Then swishing around in the cup confirms. My "old" bottle (a couple months?) is much thinner than the new bottle. Weird ... more »

Reply to Castor 927 thinner? 7/6/2020 10:09 AM

I always get it from RMATV. Id consider that reputable.

Reply to 22LR Rifle? 7/1/2020 8:57 AM

Depends on what you want to be able to do with it and also on your personal taste. Me and my boys really like the Henry for just plain old fun/plinking.

Reply to 2 Meteor Showers in July 6/30/2020 2:45 PM


I shoulda seen that coming. 🤣
Reply to 2 Meteor Showers in July 6/30/2020 10:39 AM

One of my most memorable bike trips me and 3 buddies were on the outter banks islands, sleeping bags rolled out on the ground just laying there talking and watching a meteor shower. It was super cool.

Reply to CL find - $7500???? Really?!?!? 6/24/2020 5:31 AM

Haha! You new here?

Reply to Annoying Actors and Actresses. 6/12/2020 8:07 AM

Yep, that guy is like nails on a chalkboard. Also Will Ferrell

Reply to How many of you ride with plates and screws? 6/11/2020 8:17 PM

Left forearm has a plate and 6 screws but no picture of it. Had pins in my hands before but they got removed. This is my left leg. When I go skiing I have to get 2 different sized boots, but mx boots are just fine. I still ride and race, but Im a shell

... more »
Reply to Grip Tape 6/10/2020 2:15 PM

Yeah, I too try to keep my bikes maintained mechanicly but they are far from perfect cosmetically. Function over form all day. I got 6 dirt scooters that get rode all the time, if I scrubbed each one with a toothbrush Id never have a life.

Reply to Races as "protests"? 6/10/2020 9:29 AM

I heard that this place has since been shut down

Reply to Grip Tape 6/10/2020 8:58 AM

In at work almost crying Im laughing so hard! Guys around me probably think Im nuts. This just struck me as soooo funny.

Reply to 03 Yz250 Problems after rebuild 6/4/2020 7:28 AM

I know almost nothing about the tranny, but a sharp punch and hammer would get that drain plug out. Could also grind a slot in it and use a big flat blade screw driver.

Reply to Who knows of some good gun stocks? 6/1/2020 6:29 AM

Yeah, I was thinking the wrong kind of stock too. Hahahaha

Reply to Salt Lake City 1 SX - Afternoon Program Bench Racing 5/31/2020 12:41 PM

That caught me by surprise too. They must be trying to get ALL the 450 action on the big nbc channel.