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I paid 1600 about 4 years ago for a 2002. I wouldnt sell it for anywhere close to that now though. Best handling 250 I've ever owned. Id like to keep this bike forever, but I am kinda worried about the 02 model cylinders being discontinued.

Started new thread Fly racing day video 10/30/2018 8:41 AM This was a video for the fly ride day we had at our club track. I think it turned out pretty good. Some pretty cool ... more »

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Those vectors look pretty nifty and got good reviews from the gun magazines but I know a girl (she rents sport bikes out in the deals gap area) that got one in 9mm and had nothing but trouble with it. Sent it back to get fixed and it was returned exactly ... more »

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What quickly comes to mind is a Les Baer ar10, and a Steyer AUG. It wouldnt take long and I would need a whole gun house rather than a gun room. HAHA

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I did not know it was a triple crown event. Not sure if thats really a good thing or not, but I'll be there regardless. I agree that the stands turn didnt offer much racing excitement, but it was just different and it was our little "claim to fame" that ... more »

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A big group from our mx club always get togeather and have a big a1 party, but its just at someones house not a bar

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"Super pumped" that the race is back. YEESSSSS! Im excited to take my whole family and the kids are older now so they will enjoy it even more. I saw the track map on racerx and it appears that the section going into the stands isnt going to be there. ... more »

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Haha, like an old version of uncle ronnie without the pbr

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My kids rode today, and got all muddy. Do you clean little kids boots or is that crossing the line?

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Partially true. As a racing vehicle 4 strokes are only better when given the unfair displacement advantage. Head to head the 2t wins every time. Its not the 4t machine thats better, but the rules that make it better.

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Im standing here all by myself at work laughing and cant stop. My coworkers probably think im crazy. This shit funny as hell!

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I wore the jnco pants. Paid for them with my own money cause all I could get from mom was hand me downs from my cousins haha. I wanted over the boot riding pants and used to ride in my jncos cause thats just what I had. Haha funny thinking back but I ... more »

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I thought the chainsaws and the reeedd buuuuuddd yelling was fun. There is no need to be harassing people with a chain saw, and some guys may have took it too far but for the most part thats the atmosphere I was expecting. Chainsaw "wars", beer flying ... more »

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National anyhem gave me to goosebumps and made my eyes tear up a little. That was powerful!

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Overall Usa Ned Fra Fantasy Herlings Plessinger Barcia Bonus Pole: Usa Lap: Herlings Holeshot: None

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Maried for 11 yrs and always had seperate accounts. But we both have access to the others so I guess thats almost the same as joint. I agree with the trust comments. She does all the bills and I've always got spending money in my account. We never question ... more »

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Can spin in a circle in a wheelchair all day long like a champ, and even go down steps. Street bike for probably like a mile. Own a unicycle but cant really do it for more than a few feet. My 2 stroke dirt bike is somewhere in between. I can ride it ... more »

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This is what my wife does at our club track. She started doing it just for fun. She takes pics of everyone on race day and post them on the internet for free. Besides just our friends getting some sweet pictures anyone that shows up for race day gets ... more »

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Sandusky valley riders. Both of my boys are racing and I'm pit crew. One in 65cc on the big track the other in 50cc on the pee wee track.

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They will be missed!