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I agree with everything you said, but I think they need to get him a real shirt so he looks official, and then team him up with his wife so he has a partner to bounce back and forth with to prevent the dead spots. They expected him to cover the show

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Max kept Jeffrey honest right down to the end getting within 0:05, and then Jeffrey went into "Jeffrey mode" ! Made it look easy! Dude is amazing! I would love to see him race here in the states.

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The MXGP's have been the most exciting motocross racing on the planet since the series started, and will continue to be great with or without Ryan Villopoto. Why any motocross fan wouldn't want to watch this series is unexplainable to me but so are many ... more »

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The red cross flag is the only flag that stops jumping on the track, not yellow. Seely had no reason not to jump, and since there was a down rider laying in the middle of the track, there should have been a red cross. Thats it.

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The rider was laying in the middle of the track as they were pushing the bike off...should have been a red cross and no jumping through that section. They just didn't get the red cross out is all.

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I agree with you guys! Way to go Mitch!

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In a country the size of the United States, there are at least 100,000 guys that would give their left nut to be on the gate of a 450 SX main event. Jimmy is one of 22 guys that get that privilege. Let that sink in... Get well soon Jimmy!!!

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I hope the winning bidders quietly, without fanfare, hand Denny back those helmets after the auction...

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I just saw that after the re-start, Mitch finished the main. Sean didn't move. Not one bit. Do you know if he is OK? I'm sure the #52 is sore this morning...

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Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner!!! ALWAYS subscribe to the "bounce method" of crashing...let the bike absorb what it will. The sad part is, that when Ken Roczen did the same thing in Oakland, he CRUSHED that bike into the ground because he KNEW they ... more »

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Thank you for posting this!!! We never knew this in the stands. Doesn't surprise me about Jimmy though...thats just the kind of guy he is

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Mitch is alright...not sure about Sean...very worried about him. Someone please update.

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So sorry to hear this news. Prayers to Jim and his family.

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As Lasher points out, the information about these type of disorders is not very good. In society, or the medical community. Many with this disorder who are in their 40's, 50's, even 60's have lived with it for decades undiagnosed...suffering, masking, ... more »

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If you've ever been around Arenacross much, then you know the pass that Tyler put on Zach was a normal, run of the mill pass that is done every weekend of the AX season...its how its done. If we want the "Road to Supercross" to go by way of Arenacross ... more »

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Ditto on what JeepnMike said. Thanks for the info kongols.

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I caught that too. That was funny. I've loved Grants commentary all season...the guy's awesome!

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I like these goggles. It seems like a helmet company could build this right in to their helmet, eliminating the need for goggles all together. They could put the mount points for the roll off/tear off system on each side of the helmet. No strap. No goggle

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Agree with you both. He's sharp, knowledgeable and says some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard in motocross! He is doing great! So is Weege.