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I only see that they have 1 in stock? Thanks for the lead but I need 2.

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I am having a difficult time sourcing outer fork bushings for this bike. The worn stock ones I have measure 24.5mm in height, 1.6-7 mm in thickness, 43mm inside diameter, and around 46.2 in outside diameter. They no longer have them from Honda and the ... more »

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I think they actually knocked the price for adding beyond the 1st class to $40 for all classes on Tuesday. So 2 classes would be $120.

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Raced this bike probably 30+ times since 2013 when this was taken. Just takes a licking and keeps on ticking. A ton of work but nothing a reasonable wrench can't handle.

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My buddy bought the 96 - lives in his basement. We were all kicking in whatever we had so he could make it happen. Man did I have fun going over to the bike with my gas can all weekend asking him if he wanted to fire it up. Never has had a drop in it. ... more »

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I was there the whole time and just watched it on TV after getting home. Calling it a mud race is just not accurate. It wasn't the greasy, slide sideways crap at all. How many riders did you see slide and fall on their ass in a corner? Heavy soil and ... more »

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Rode the national track in September of 17 and went to MXON. They did shorten the track - it use to be after the tabletop next to Laroccos leap you would go way down a fast sweeper to the left to the bottom of the hill and do a big circle back in to ... more »

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Was there and it was just overkill on the whole chainsaw thing. Friday night some jackass near me would fire his up and hold it wide open for a minute straight every 15 minutes and did so until 3:30 AM. They were up on the stage doing interviews with ... more »

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This one got my attention. Had a very similar experience on an 07 450 earlier this summer. Pops up on CL 15 minutes from me. I call the guy up and he says "I'm 69 with bad knees, bought it to ride with my grandson in the backyard" He actually bought

... more »
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I think that was the 4th year for the boot leg track. Actually in years past they ran after dark but it just got too nuts. I shouldn't but I normally spin a few laps on my TC125 if I know my next play is a shower-you get dirty as hell.. I am actually ... more »

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I was actually right there when it happened. He went down right before the lip half way down and the bike shot to the left and went for a a good 30 feet or so into a bit of a ditch. You seem him run down to get it and just shake his head. It looked like ... more »

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Was there - great spectator track if you are willing to move around a bit and there is more than one place you can see darn near the whole track from a single spot. We chose to check them all out. None of that flat surface with trees blocking your view ... more »

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I have been going for at least 12 years-my favorite event of the year and I wish it lasted a week instead of 3 days. To what was said earlier - you need to have a pitbike! It can be a anything with 2 wheels and a motor really but I would stay away from ... more »

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I see it is your first post so you get a pass. It took me about 15 seconds to find them on the internet. Looks to me that it is Boyesen #607 and available all the usual places. None of us on these sites minds helping but please try to do it yourself ... more »

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I played blackjack with Damon Bradshaw after the 92 Las Vegas SX at the Excalibur at like 2:00 AM. We were smoked, he was not, and he couldn't have been cooler. Great time!

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On the carb I think it has the tin type floats. It could be you have a pin hole in one of the floats perhaps. Easy check take it out and put in a cup with fuel or even water. I have seen it happen before. Good luck with the build.

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There are just way too many assumptions here as to what each would do "in their prime" on the different bike. The Windham, who I like, picture says nothing. I saw Cooper(74 Bultaco) and Lechien(74 CZ) launch the Skyshot at Unadilla in 13-like 120 feet. ... more »

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Somebody on Marks is looking for a carb but he used a picture of this bike? I have to think his doesn't look this good or must be in pieces. I think the for sale ad is the legit one of ... more »

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I am bit curious who the "major east coast collection" is as in could it be east coast vintage? There are a number on there with that in the description and as usual they look good in a picture so it makes some sense. I had a 75 not long ago I restored ... more »

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If you have not heard Jack is going to officially retire and they are going to close Penton Racing down. It is TBD if someone will pick up the torch for PVL from what he said. I always have thought about putting one in my 83 CR250 and I am wondering ... more »

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