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same problem with my firestick. keeps saying nothing is available for pro motocross.

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Have you ever raced the D class?

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Agreed. I don't listen to many podcasts because they usually bore me. This was the first one I have listened to with this guy, but it really sounds like him and Reed were just having good conversation. Wish the video was longer

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He is 100% right.

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Thats the article I was thinking of. That bike is/was a full blown factory race bike. The fuel injection is sick. Is this the only one, or has any other teams done similar things with other minis? You never see much info on the smaller bikes, which makes ... more »

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Just curious, what kind of work/mods goes into some of the bikes of the top amateurs? I don't mean the 250s and 450s, more like the 50s, 65s, 85s. I was watching some of Haiden Deegan's videos and it got me thinking. Do these minis have things like titanium ... more »

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If it was something from Bakers program then you would think some of his top guys would get busted before one of his 5-10th riders. I think its all BS, but wonder how strict is the list of banned substances? Would an average person/rider pass their test? ... more »

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While listening to the audio clip from the article on the home page about Broc, at about 7:42 in you can hear him say "It is what it is, I got caught" and he quickly says after "I got dealt the cards I did" I've always been a fan of Tickle, but this ... more »

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I haven't really followed much racing since the Monster Cup, which Reed looked good and comfortable on the bike. Hopefully he gets/got the ride for '19. Good to see he will be racing this weekend. Was there a reason he didn't race Paris?

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I remember Reed saying he pretty much needed to win the Aus-x open to secure his ride with JGR. That didn't happen so I wonder what happened after? He wasn't in Paris was he? Unless Reed just didn't want to go, I don't see why he wasn't in Paris if he ... more »

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Didn't know so many tree huggers were here.. A little thin piece of plastic isn't gonna hurt anything, even thousands of em.

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I'd like to know the story behind the video. To me it looks like he was just laying in the grass when police showed up harassing him, which ended with him shooting himself.

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Thats kind of how I feel, but then again that guy in 2014 was at the very top of the sport, with 4 straight championships. I didn't expect him to win, but thought he would still be higher up. He still seems to be in good shape compared to others who ... more »

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Wondering the same. Why is there no raceday live?

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I think they have an option of both. It was like $400k lump sum, or $50k/20 years. I think RV took the 50k/20 years when he won, not sure about MM

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Its one of those races that if you're not a top 5 guy then why bother? Its not really worth the risk if you don't have a legit chance at winning, which is only a few guys.

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We need a supercross of nations. No other country will come close to USA

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"1992 - 1993 KX125 KX 250 splitfire blue green white kit." I think it means exactly what he thinks it means

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Save yourself the trouble and buy the Keihin from JD. I had an 02 cr250 with the stock mikuni on it and I would have to adjust/change the jets every single weekend I rode if the weather changed more than a few degrees. When it was jetted right the thing ... more »

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Can anyone confirm that you can choose between one and two thumb stick controls? To me, the games went to shit when they came out with the rider weight/leaning on the right thumb stick. They should have kept it simple with just the left thumb stick for ... more »