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If any one still plays the game add me on xbox 360. my 2007 rmz450. Also willing to play mxgp

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After playing with jetting with a keihn from a 2000 cr250 on my 03 cr250, I decided to try something a little different and try putting another carb on it that I had laying around. It happened to be from a 97 cr125 and although its a 36mm and the clamps ... more »

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Yeah it's called a ktm. Haha. If you meant jap bikes though, than yes. Service honda. They're beautiful . But if your gonna build one, start with a 250f frame. You want the most maneuverable, light, and modern chassis you can get. But I would just get ... more »

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Hi guys, so I just recently bought a 01 cr250 for $500 with the intention of putting the motor in my nice 03 chassis that I restored(in my bike check if you would like to see it

and just wanted to see if anyone has some advice for me before ... more »

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Added reply in a thread KTM akrapovic Exhaust 9/7/2014 6:52 PM Here is a link to ktm hard parts 2014 . The reason it's kinda hard to find it is cause akrapovic wants to sell the TI muffler and TI head pipe separately but combined ... more »

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2006 CR 250 BUILD ---'2000 ENGINE'

This is what every rc powervalved cr 250 needs. I love my 03 and going to do the same to it

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^ haha. Yes it's me. Next time we go riding if you bring it ill give some money for it.

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I just picked up a new left over 14 ktm 350 sxf and just wanted to know if anyone has sugestions for gearing ? It seems like 2nd gear runs out real early and third is too high. Should I go to a 51 tooth like MXA ? Thanks

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Honda is the only company to use the 32 spoke design. All the others use 36, so suzuki hub and honda rim won't work and either will honda hub and suzuki rim so doesn't look like you can interchange

Added bike check Honda lover 707's Setup 7/13/2014 5:40 PM
Added bike check Honda lover 707's Honda 6/28/2014 3:25 PM
Honda lover 707's Honda
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Happened to me to and I know this is gonna sound stupid but I just tightened my boot around the top more and now i don't hook my boot on my side panels anymore. Hope this helped and sorry if it didnt lol

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When I bought my 95 cr125 the first thing I noticed was how when I lifted the front wheel the forks lowers actually slid down with the wheel. They're disconnected internally cause the previous owner was a moron. People really do a number their suspension. ... more »

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Thanks for the input guys. The dealership I work at just recently started taking in ktm's after being just a husky dealership for a while so I think I'm gonna just get a '14 and with all the rebates and employee discount ill be set and riding all summer. ... more »

Started new thread Ktm 350 sxf ? 6/8/2014 1:14 PM

I just wanted to know what you guys think of the bike and what you do for mods and etc.. I'm really leaning towards the 350 because I'm only about 130 with gear and Im not a fan of 250f's and I think the 450 would be too much in long motos. Gearing ideas ... more »

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That 500 with the twin chamber usd forks is so sweet. What's with the gas tank ? Is it aluminum or fiberglass ? I'm just guessing cause the crazy shine coming off the tank. Very cool collection you got bud. What would you want for one of those 500's ... more »

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You could also try polisport since they are the ones who make ktm's plastic and the new huskies.

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The new husky 2 strokes look great. Not too thrilled with the yellow fork guards but that's the only fault I have with it. I even like the front number plate and front fender (some think its goofy). Haha
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Very useful info. I might be picking up a 03 cr125 dirt cheap and that would be great to be able to put the hpp cylinder on it and bump up compression. And thanks. My rc51 is my favorite non-moto thing. The looks I get when I'm at a stop light on it ... more »

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That's sweet. The Plano bikes were always cool. Definetley put up pics when you get it done. Very cool upgrade for a cr125. I had a 01 and kinda wonder if I could have done it to that.