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they have "channels" that show reruns or clips from actual programs that air on NBC networks. but you cant watch NBCSN or CNBC or even the regular NBC network. and all my other streaming services work great, so I do not think the issues are on my end, ... more »

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worked good for qualifying... then when the night program started I started having issues with it freezing up. eventually just decided to fuck it, watched the fight instead. later after the fight I tried to watch the replay on the app, it would work ... more »

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I think its great for TV, but I dont think they would sell enough tickets the way its currently structured.

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I usually buy last min, sometimes after the opening ceremonies, many times I have scored tickets under $10. Now Arlington is a little different, lots of people go out there to tailgate with no intention of going into the stadium.

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for the first race I got it to work on my iphone, then tried to mirror it to my TV and the screen just goes blank though I get the sound. I have never had an issue mirroring something from my phone to my TV, and do it all the time. then tried downloading ... more »

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its only 1 round, however with only a couple days off between rounds teams dont have a lot of time for testing and tuning, so those teams that did not get their set up correct may not improve. so I wouldnt be surprised to see Bambam on top of the podium ... more »

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most of the 2009-2012 450 models I am seeing listed are in the $2500-2800.

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Motorsports creates bran awareness, and when you do well that attracts customers to your product. as far as noth America is concerned, SX is the most popular form of motorcycle racing, and easily sells the most bikes for honda in north America. Worldwide, ... more »

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I am looking for a single ticket, I know they are only selling in even numbers. If anyone has an extra that they want to sell or wants to go half on a pair let me know. DM: twitter @clint_IV IG: mcdonnellclint

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Assuming you could buy the Supercross series it with out Monster Jam (Arlington does not always host the dirt events back to back, as well as some other venues). Certainly Covid19 will have an impact on its current value, and the state of their TV deal ... more »

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1. Webb 2. Osborne 3. Barcia I think Tomac got his overdue championship and wont push as hard, Roczen has the talent but never seems to stay healthy

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For Cowboys games this year they had us all sitting in blocks, we were in a block of 4, but they had larger blocks. all the other seats were locked so you could not sit in them. I did just check Seekgeek, and you can get tickets in blocks of 2 -4-6.

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you have to pay for the fanfest now???? what happened to bringing a can of Monster?

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^ thats a good point, if you keep it then you will have to keep putting money into it in order to keep it running.

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dont get me wrong, one of these in really good shape (new everything, with manuals and receipts) can sell for well over $3000. essentially thats a $2200 bike with $2000 in parts and rebuilds added on. and while there are buyers for a bike like this, ... more »

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I have had a couple of those come through the shop for consignment sales and or trade ins over the last year. $2000-$2300 is what they typically go for in this market, thats in running riding condition. rebuilt with all new parts, you could probably ... more »

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so it will not be on TV or cable?

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I think the industry will look very different once we get past covid, especially on the moto and off-road side of things. Youtube has become a huge media outlet for moto in the last year, and it has really pushed the free riding culture of the sport ... more »

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While I do think Covid19 did drive the boom we saw in the industry over the spring and summer it certainly tapered off in the fall. In the spring and summer of 2020 people had to find new hobbies, things to spend their disposable income on, and quite ... more »

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I work in this industry, and while we had a very good summer (2020) as far as bike sales, parts, and service.. however the last couple months have been very slow compared with other years. I have been in this industry 20+ years, I realize this industry ... more »