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ZO16 asking if he should take 8 on Instagram

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Pulp mentioned it was a newer rule.

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I hear ya on feeling depleted of racing, don’t jump so quick on the TV package though, they have massive sales typically about halfway through the season and you can go back and watch what you missed.

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I had a better recovery process waiting to get surgery. Tore it in March, hobbled around Europe until July, got surgery the day I got back. Surgeon was even more pumped I wanted to wait.

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I was thinking that SLC this year proved a Summercross concept could work. If you think of all the privateers and SX only teams, a small 6-8 round series over a month in 2/3 venues within a close proximity would be neat. Like a fairground on steroids ... more »

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Look at the frame on the bottom of the bike, it’s easy to clean up and hide things but a roached frame can tell wonders

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They would make more money just riding in the LCQ then they would racing in the 250 main.

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PulpMX interview with Chase (sometime during the Corona break), he stated he’s obligated to rock the GEICO stuff and then free to make his own deals going forward. With his agent being 50 beeks I would expect to see him in Fox.

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MXGP of Germany does not disappoint if you want to drink and sleep in your car. probably not realistic this year but definitely a bucket list thing

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Why not support the economy you live in?

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roger said no more helmet cams

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I imagine the phone call that the last round of MX was cancelled and your the champ was a little more lame. Either way the feeling of accomplishment is still there.

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Honda is probably joyed that their bike is getting tested like this before it hits the floor.

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Fucking call the dude you paid thousands of dollars to take care of you. You’ll really wreck your knee for the rest of your life if you don’t respect it.

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I had my meniscus repaired so I was locked out fully straight with no weight bearing for six weeks. Your doctor should have provided you with all this information... You should probably call your doctor and get some clarification. Should probably teach ... more »

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Also definitely find out exactly what they did, do your own research on the proper rehab routine. And keep your PT accountable to the program.

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I did PT 3 days a week for 8 months.. it still feels different than the other knee but I’m out there running back in my old form. Haven’t gotten on the bike yet but I feel like I could easily at 6 months.

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Put /team at the end

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I’d be interested in seeing a review of the Alta vs. the KTM Freeride. I’d love to get an Alta but it’s been impossible to find any, and I’m not surprised. I wouldn’t sell a good bike that went outta business either. The KTM Freeride seems like a beefed ... more »

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I think the Handicaps are based more off of a formula or some sort of “science” rather than what the committee feels. I’m sure there has been instances where the committee has adjusted a formula, but I imagine they try to stay true to it. When money ... more »