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What is that smell? It's like ham, but different...

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Chad Reed- qualified 26th- will he sit this one out? He's listed in the starting lineup for Heat 1.

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And the short length- no cuff over your wrist on most gloves. Hate how short they are on hand.

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Anybody notice that sizing seems to be running smaller too? Like the Chinese or Indonesian (where most are made) hand models are much smaller than US market. I used to wear a large glove, now most large gloves seem way too small.

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Mitch has Erik Estrada packing mufflers on the assembly line?! 0:55

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Haven't seen or heard anything about CC since he pulled out of the second main. Announcers were speculating about something with his face/eye/goggles? No Vlog from the missus. Anybody heard?

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He was making so much time, had to be overheated flux capacitor.

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Is there some way to know what the sold bikes went for?

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Don't wait. The '21 is bound to be so out of balance like all the other mfg's bike's are with that silly SSS technology. You know, single-side-silencer.

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The layout. Me likee.

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I like it. Clear and concise; well thought-out. Keep it up. Oh, and Ken's stat's are weak, not week. Sorry- spelling gaffs like that make me crazy. Doesn't make you a

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Pics of sailing the aforementioned gap that required this upgrade?

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I started out racing cross-country, then went to MX when college and other time demands would not allow me to keep up with bike repair/maintenance. So ya, at least here where I live, it's harder on your machine. Think of it this way- 3 hours of grinding ... more »

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Lets hope he strays away from the 450 review to talk about the 250's this week.

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Got lucky and bagged half my to-date point total just last week. Finished 142 for the week, 9413 overall. I don't expect that to hold up. 'Twas a fair amount of luck involved. On RM, I'm at 26,499 of 82,973. Is there some way to see weekly results on ... more »

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I noticed that too, but chalked it up to an optical illusion of lights in the background since it happened at the same spot as the camera followed different bikes.

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Hydrate well at least a week in advance. Your loo visits will increase- that's ok. Food. Eat normally leading up to it. Visit the dumpster morning of. Don't wait. It will come looking for you at the least opportune time. Race day I like to have something ... more »

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Seems to me I caught Jett manualing the last hunk of whoops a couple of passes last week in SainLouie. And I does believe it were on porpoise. The kid's got bike control finesse in his code.

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Watching the replay, it seems like it was just a racing incident. Ferandis came it too hot, but he was trying to turn it in, to the point of losing his wheels. Craig saw him at the last minute and pulled his outside leg up to try and get some balance ... more »