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0:49. Did I just see Stew blip his left grip? Da heck? oh- thumbs up.

Added reply in a thread Weirdest mechanical failure or problem 5/11/2020 8:02 AM

Post-Vintage cross country racing a '79 Yamaha IT175. Fell on a muddy downhill, and took a couple minutes to get myself righted and back on course. After the crash, the bike ran terribly, could barely keep it running at low rpms. At first I figured it ... more »

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The memes are great. I agree with Moto T's assessment of the cicada killers- those things are ridiculous. Sumdood- those Oz monkeys are the stuff of my childhood nightmares. Them and the Abominable Snowbeast from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

... more »
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I like the designs. I always thought, though, that the thinner fabrics represented just a cheaper shirt. Thanks for the education. I'm surprised some of Vital's finest haven't lit you up for posting something for sale, called you a spammer, and told ... more »

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At a pre-SX dealer autograph signing, I saw him run out of autograph stock right before the end of the session, and there was an obviously disappointed kid in the line. Trey took his team-issue hat off, signed it and gave it to the kid. Class move. H ... more »

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20 psi from a gravity system? Pressure is 0.433 psi/ft., so that would require that the top of the water be 20/.433 or 46 ft. high. Makes no sense.

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Well, they haven't built a bike since March 19th. Before that they were only building a handful of Live Wires each day. It'll be interesting to see what this does to them.

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Those are surprisingly entertaining!

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Therapy. The exertion, thrill, occasional scare and required focus are cathartic. It's like a mini vacation that's invigorating for body and reset for mind and soul.

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Takes me back to folks questioning why Hannie was out on the track with the regulars when he was not racing. I get RC designed the track and is the GOAT, but the question is the same.

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Ha! But maybe more clairvoyant than you intended.

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Jason Anderson would be proud of that jersey.

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Thanks Tony, that was great. My first "real" bike was a 1980 KDX 175. Experienced my first seize/rebuild with her. Broke my heart at the time. What a great bike, even though the bearings in that Uni-Trak were my worst nightmare. Especially that center ... more »

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Motomad724- I was speaking from my "seat of the pants" experience- rarely ever have to back up the Sub and take a second whack at parking- Colorado almost always do; body panel and window sill heights make visibility a bit of a challenge sometimes too. ... more »

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My 2018 Colorado gets around 19-20 general driving. It's got the V6. Plenty of power, though I don't tow with it. Biggest problem I've had is a long wheelbase for a mid-size truck, and large turning radius. Our suburban parks way easier. Visibility is ... more »

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It's been commonplace that if an obstacle is considered problematic or unreasonably dangerous, changes get made. Is there any evidence that anyone pointed out this "dangerous condition" early in the game Saturday, or was this just all analysis after ... more »

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Riders are bouncing around to different gates all night, right? Wouldn't be on the same gate in qualifying and in the heat as they would in the main? So this gate had several launches up the middle, and one rider that launched from the left of center ... more »

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Was thinking the same thing. The Unicorn is on display. Info on the pedigree could be close behind.... Interesting features on that mock-up. Under-mounted rear brake caliper. Linkless suspension. Right side drive. Side panel shape looks awfully familiar. ... more »

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"Saving the planet ain't cheap!"- Bernie