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Long pants, textile jacket, hard knuckle gloves, and full face. Lace up ankle high work shoes. I’ve often though a bought a set of street rider shorty boots, but so t wear them until mfgs stop putting shifter pads on the right side boot.

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Interesting. When has he ever NOT done anything all the way under full power?

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Sumdood that thing is a real-life

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Maybe the week. Maybe the month. Say Hello to my little friend..

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How dare you ask rational questions that expose the dirty secret.

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There's an old axiom in motorcycling, not just mx, that goes, "There are two kinds of people who ride- those who HAVE crashed, and those that ARE ABOUT TO." So ya, the occasional crash is inevitable. But the best advice has already been stated. Manage ... more »

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Did Rodman give Jett that ridiculous pearl necklace he was wearing later in the day?

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What the heck is flying out of that exhaust at the end????

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With all the talk about Sexton’s non-issue off-track excursion, why hasn’t the incident of two front runners in the first 250 main launching a jump after the “wheels-on-the-ground” lights came in? Wedge and Glover mentioned it when it happened, then ... more »

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Cicadas- so if they hatch every 17 years, why do we have them every year? Are there different families assigned different years?

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I'd like to chime in to second the pickle juice supplement. I hydrate with water and some coconut water drinks 3 days ahead. Then take a 16 oz bottle of pickle juice with me to the race weekend. A little the night before, a little with breakfast, and ... more »

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I was kinda surprised to hear Rick Johnson say during his R2R "Inside the Helmet" interview that he was scrubbing long before...

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That Canadian dollars? What the wuk?

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Timely. I just got my first round of shingrix last week.

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Three vets are heading home from the big war, talking about how they're going to wow their girlfriends when they get home. They agree buying her a car will be the thing. First guy says, "I'm going to buy her a Kaiser and surprise her!" Not to be outdone, ... more »

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A man goes to his doctor to get the results of his recent tests. The doctor comes into the room with a solemn look on his face and says, "Well, I'm afraid there's a couple pieces of bad news to share with you." The man says, "It's okay, Doc, just give ... more »

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A poor dirt farmer who's never been off the farm finally takes his wife and son into the big city to see life on the other side. The excited wife wants to visit one of those fancy multi-story department stores, and she's immediately overjoyed and bouncing ... more »