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Any of you D5 geezers remember Beaver Valley? Or that short lived track up near New Castle PA that was built on an old landfill? The one where garbage and cart parts would come up out of the dirt? Come to think of if, lots of the tracks we raced on in ... more »

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Racer X gave some away in a sweepstakes about 20 years ago. I won one. Still in my basement. The one I got had some wear on it- I was a little put off until I opened the note from DC apologizing for it being shipped late, and said it was the one The ... more »

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Gman- interesting take on things. How do you feel about euthanizing dogs that kill? For example, in my area recently, a woman was housesitting for a friend. The friend's 3 pits had at her at some point, and did her in. The woman knew the dogs, and had ... more »

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Kenny cranked over, feet up, off the seat, leaning hard on the flat just upstate of the berm. What??? Nice shot man.

Started new thread Double throttle cables. Why do we need 'em? 8/15/2021 4:55 PM

Ok- I've wondered about this for a long time, and I've heard various answers, most of which I'm not sure are still valid. I have faith in the OEM's so I'm sure they're necessary, just don't believe I've heard why. Four strokes have 'em. Have forever. ... more »

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Why are they using that Nickelback guy to model their Cougar line? Oh wait, I get it.

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One wheel- Did you have that Honda at the Rocket Run mudfest? Thought I remembered seeing you there and thinking you were nuts as we cheered you on. H

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Hot off the heels of the success of the Battle of the Baggers series, a new FIM world championship BOTB MX series will be announced. Title sponsors are Triumph, Harley Davidson, BMW, Ducati, and Givi. Ricky Carmichael will come out of retirement to compete, ... more »

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So then a new "Battle of the Baggers", MX version. Nice.

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Rup- our local comcast gives us Peacock and the coverage there (MAV TV I think?) goes straight through the commercials. You're right on with the issue of so much happening during breaks. It's funny to hear Weege say "And while we were gone, there was ... more »

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Ha. I think most have us have done that at one time. Or lined up next to a "buddy" who helped with that. The one time I did it I didn't get nearly as far as that cat did. He made a pretty quick recovery.

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It hasn't been said yet? This IS Vital, is it not?

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Soon to be cheaper than these....

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I started wearing them after hitting the deck during an early season mx event that had some ice under the dirt. Nasty bash on the joint. Still wear them now running woods races in the summer. EVS brand. Dunno the model- would probably be obsolete anyway- ... more »

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Good stuff y'all thanks much!

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Don't know for sure. Somewhere outside the park- maybe an airbnb. Want to possibly hit Sequoia Nat'l park too. The latest wrinkle is that we may start in Seattle, then make our way south, ending at Yosemite. That plan will probably add a day or two.

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Planning to visit Yosemite in July with wife, and two teens. Daughter also wants to see some redwoods. Any tips? Should have a total of 9 days available, and might have to spend the last couple of those in Seattle. Thanks in advance!

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So I'm to believe Royal Enfield was worth $431 Million dollars in 1955 and $1 Billion in 1982? Hmmm. What am I missing?

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The soles on the boots look like carpet padding.

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Exotica maximus. I love how that old works iron was such a mix of hand-built art and dime store fare.