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The Husky is a mid-top end bike ONLY. I mean, when a KX125 has more low-mid, you know we're talking a top end bike. My '02 RM 134 had an adjustable powerband and was VERY user-friendly. I thought very, very seriously about turning it into an off--road ... more »

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My two boys in their Moto PJ's. David (R) passed at age 11 from an extremely rare blood disease. Derek (L) is kicking my butt on his KTM 150 SX. They pretty much lived in these things until they wore out/outgrew them.

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That was a very good read.

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Yeah... that's me, too.

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Funny... I asked my son this question right after I posted the "What Brand RC" poll. He's 16 and says: Suzuki- RC Honda- Roczen KTM- Dungey Kawasaki- Villopoto Yamaha- Reed or McGrath Husky- Anderson Me..... 58 coming up: Suzuki- RC Honda- Windham KTM- ... more »

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In light of the news of RD going with Geico Honda, RV with Yamaha, MC with Kawasaki, Emig with Husky... who do you associate The GOAT with?

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Agree here. I love KX's.... we just sold our '04 to a local kid who REALLY wanted it... and I can go pretty good on one, BUT... the Husky is a better overall bike. Better brakes, clutch, power, and just all the little things that add up. Likewise, my ... more »

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I do on the Husky TC because it has a kind of a sloppy fit which we learned about the hard way. While the crank was getting rebuilt...

.... I put in a PC seal bought new air filters (more foam), and now I grease the lip. I also spent a lot ... more »
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I'm in NE New Mexico near Raton and a) Raton pass was closed yesterday, b) I'm looking at 4-6" of snow out my computer office window right now. _I'm_ thinking of going 4 hours south!!!!

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I think I'm gonna get a pair.... RMATV has free returns so nothing to lose by checking them out. I'm happy with all of my Leatt stuff.

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I didn't even have to read the thread to know the answer: Yes. Yes, they are.

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Totally agree. I ride 125's and 150's and this'll happen if you don't keep the throttle on and/or don't maintain the correct body positioning for the jump. Totally agree on the changing of weight + throttle change in this case. I've had it happen many ... more »

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I use spray because on the Polaris Ranger and my Grizzly 660 air filter (ProFilter?), there's a metal cage that prevents squeezing. Since I have it on hand already (ranch buys it...) I use it on the dirt bikes. You can spray as much as you want and saturate ... more »

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Hannah crashed that sucker once, right? How does one crash an airplane and live?

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We are still using the Mikunis on our KTMs (as we did on the '04 KX 125 and '02 RM 134). I don't know what I'm talking about but it SEEMS to me that the 'kuni's run just fine from 1/3 throttle on up. Both KTM's and the KX run crappy down low. The RM ... more »

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The race that he did after flying back from the birth of the twins? Was that the one? I think I'd be thinking really hard about what the heck I was even doing on a SX track, let alone trying to win.

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I tossed the slide from our '04 KX 125 (6.0 ?) and TOLEDO!!!! It ran GREAT. Being cheap, I just hogged out the stock slide to get pretty close and it works good. When I get uncheap, I'll get an OEM KX slide and put it in.

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Since this IS VitalTheFountOfAllKnowledge, does anyone know off-hand, saving me the whole Google experience and all, if I can upgrade my '15 Husky 125 to a 150 via factory parts? Or do I have to do the traditional "send the cylinder off" thing?

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I don't get nosebleed but I do get 2nd or 3rd layer for the same reason- I like to see the whole track. Tickets are always around $50. I don't spend much on food and a lot of times, we drive home that night... the adrenalin's pumping and I can always ... more »

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I think the idea is that the single function fork, with 1 fork spring and damping in 1 fork leg is inherently more limited than the, amazingly, excellent KYB suspension on the '20. I'm sure you could get it working well, the '20 starts with both legs ... more »