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I bought a pair of goggles once from mxlocker and it went smoothly. The goggles were authentic and as described in the listing.

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I seriously doubt it, they don't seem to have any desire to update the RMZ's. Its too bad because I've always really liked Suzuki's. Still way more bike than I could ever hope to ride to it's full potential.

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Unfortunately I don’t think he will. Tough to say as I’m a Roczen fan but I don’t believe his intensity level matches some of the other guys. Maybe intensity is a lack of a better word?

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It's very seldom that I agree with much of what you post but...dammit you're right this time.

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Its statements like this that induce panic and then there is a shortage because people "panic buy". I'm not calling you out mb60 it's the guys that have so called "insider information" that drive this kind of thing.

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Better than the 33 do you think?

Started new thread SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS and Alpinestars Tech 10 sizing 4/18/2021 12:45 PM

I've decided to buy a pair of white Tech 10's and I need a little help choosing the correct size. I have a few pairs of the Crossfire SRS 3's and I am a perfect 9.5 US 43 Euro in these boots. Looking at AStars website the Tech 10's are 9 US and 43 Euro ... more »

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Helluva deal!

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Dang! I'm a Roczen fan but Coop is living rent free in his head and has been for a while now.

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Yes sir, and rightfully so!

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Yeah we saw it. It was total C class move by a so called professional. He's a total POS for that move.

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$4800 for that bike is a STEAL! Good luck to you sir

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I have a 2019 Husqvarna TC 125 with stock engine and stock Mikuni carb. I have made the following modifications: 1) V-Force 4 reed block 2) FMF Factory Fatty pipe 3) FMF Powercore 2.1 silencer 4) Renegade SX2 race fuel mixed with Maxima 927 at 32:1 I ... more »

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Plenty of FMF Factory Fatty's on eBay for Husky's and KTM's. Not too many Powercore 2.1 titanium silencers though.

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Damn!! I had one and it was a really good bike. Feeling a bit nostalgic right now

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SX4 is $79 and SX2 is $109. Yes, it does smell amazing. If I knew it wouldn’t kill me I’d drink the stuff!

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What does one of these cost?

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I have a Renegade dealer a few miles from my house so it's convenient for me to run Renegade. I run SX4 in my 450 and SX2 in my 125 and I have been completely satisfied with both. Just as good as a comparable VP fuel and it's cheaper too.

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I'd prefer a white one but orange or red will work too. I'm in the western part of NC so I'd like to keep it within a few hundred miles. Thanks!

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Picked up the bike from Bw273 this morning and it was better than described! The rear tire still had the nipples on the side knobs. This seller is a man of his word and it was my pleasure to meet him.