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So how would the current crop do against Bob on the older bikes? I am sure Hannah would be more competitive on the new bikes that the new guys on the older bikes. Hannah was a champion, he rode to win. Not always the fastest, but often the fastest to ... more »

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And help me understand, Herlings wins the debate in a Vital Forum. Does that seal the deal? Does he win money or what? Is is an official championship?

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PAge 2

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Try this.

Page 1
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Smed, I just looked and I happen to have that issue. I can scan it and send to you. It is very short two page article.

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I have read, not sure where, that Vintage Suzuki is taking orders through eMail but not their website at this time. Assembling an order for some RM 370 body work as their products were the best I have found. Excellent!

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Unfortunately, Motocross is a shrinking sport. More so in America than Internationally. Not happy, but that is the fact. Check out your local auto racing audiences. NASCAR is folding up as they have lost viewers which leads to loss of advertisers. As ... more »

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Paging Mr, Bogle to the starting gate, Mr. Bogle to the starting gate

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I think Dungey enjoys the challenge. Getting the most out of himself and the bike that he can. I would guess he is very competitive and enjoys competing as well. All that with no absolute pressure to win. While Chase is doing fantastic, there is immense ... more »

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The irony is Barcia has speed. But he can not seem to initiate that speed. Takes someone to pass him, mostly cleanly, to light the fire. No reason for him to change at this time. Like teaching an old dog new tricks...

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The right answer from all is to straight up offer THE bike to the kid for per the rules of the race. Anything else just indicates a lot of cover up going on. Make it right!

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Vital beats the Kardashians for drama!

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I think I like Brnenad Schofield's version. Weigandt needs to go back to journalism school. Get the kids version and it is a bit different. So disappointed in Vital

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One has not a dang thing to do with the other. One was invented here and the other overseas. One a bunch of bootlegging outlaws. The others motorcycle riders wanting to see who was fattest.
2 totally groups of people and fit the most part, bike guys...more

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I have and agree, US corps are not about the best person for the job. Curious about the Japanese/Austrian environments. Not much exposure to that on my part.

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My assumption is their train of thought would be any three digit runner would easily move up to top 100......

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I suggest you show a pic of the whole motor, both sides and cylinder/head. . Seeing side covers and cylinder/head would help significantly

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I have been testing this 71 model for 20 years. Starts easy, goes downhill once in motion. Great buy based off scrap value! Fun motor cycle that does nothing well. But is still cool!!!!

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I have a similar group (CZ, Maico,etc) that do not vibrate at all. But they also don't run!