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Brad Kelly may agree with this statement.

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Best wishes on your recovery. Spinal fractures many times have great outcomes. I fractured T-3 and broke T-4 in half in an AX crash at 40 years old. I had T-2 to T-7 fused with two rods, 10 screws, and a few plates. Ten years later I am making the podium ... more »

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My daughter was so good, she rode them backwards.
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Jarid Blevins 331x was ripping on his Husky.
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He was pitting with our Nor Cal boys KJ McKenzie and Garret Ioppolo. He had motor mount issues causing the spark plug to spin out. We borrowed parts off of Jarid Blevins #331 smoker (another Nor Cal shredder.) The bike ran ... more »
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Bradshaw and Jeff Keith with us at Hangtown 2017.

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The S turns are after the ski jump at the bottom of the hill. The ski jump is preceded by a downhill straightaway that has a tendency to get some gnarly braking bumps at the edge of the ski jump before you leap down. Also, there can be some wicked braking ... more »

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I've been to 6 outdoor nationals and Washougal is my favorite overall. It's not the best soil to ride on, and you have to walk around to see everything, but you can't beat the Pacific Northwest in late July. It's spectacular scenery.

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My Blue Label arrived yesterday (my 7-year old loves them.) Ridiculously light and form fitting....feels like a $3000 Armani suit that was cut and sewn by hand. The material is unlike anything I've felt before. We will see how they hold up at Washougal

... more »
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There is such a place coming online in CA. We already have a pro sand track, vet track, 2-mile UTV/GP track, and more in the works. Later this fall, we start on a 10+ mile UTV course, SX track, and an all-natural track that will be all grass. Welcome

... more »
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Custom helmets are sweet, although these days the cost seems to be a bit high compared to the old days. Here is a Bell Moto 4 I had painted for $200 back in 1998. It still looks good after almost 20 years. Airbrushed helmets are good for at least one

... more »
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Having over 15 years of race promoting at the national level, I can tell you that it's not easy finding good flaggers. We use about 50 flaggers for our round of the outdoor national series, and they are volunteers. It's common that a flagger gets a lunch ... more »

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Correction: MX Sports does not allow amateurs to park in the pro pits anymore because the teams put their semis in there starting on Tuesday and it's impossible to load the paddock with amateur trucks and motorhomes in there on Friday.

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Pits are open to the public free of charge from 9-Noon. If you bought into any of our hospitality areas, you will have a #6 band that will give you access all day. You can also buy a Racer X subscription onsite, and out of the deal, you will get an all ... more »

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6 am Saturday.

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East Hill near Big Moe (turn 4 on top of hill has great views and will be next to our new beer garden tent.) West Hill just below west vendor row behind starting gate has good views and sits directly across from the FLY 150. There is a narrow area just ... more »

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Yes, the FLY150 will return to Hangtown again this year.
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Raced alot over the years and now hit 50. Broken T-3/T-4, ACL reconstruction both knees, fractured collarbone and scapula, and a few concussions. Actually, I feel better now than I did when I was 30. My back is not quite as flexible with T-2 to T-7 fused, ... more »

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Speaking on behalf of Hangtown, we are scheduled to run this race just before opening ceremonies, which puts it outside of the current TV package. But who knows where this could all lead if the series gets enough traction.

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I can't speak for the Martins, but a two-stroke race at their track would be awesome.