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I am officially part of the tribe. I bought a new left over 19' at a killer deal! I bought it Saturday, went straight to the track, broke it in, and am still smiling. What an awesome bike! At 6'1, I felt a little cramped but moved the foot pegs and bar

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I would say I would feel similar to how I felt when I bought a brand new 2007 kx250f, a batch of the first models out of production had problems with transmission shaft bearings grenading. Kawasaki honored the repairs during a certain time frame, but

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Added a comment about press release JGR / Yoshimura / Suzuki Factory Racing Announces Team Roster for 2020 11/9/2019 9:35 AM

I wonder if they'll still have the full semi ordeal for 2 bikes?

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This scripted drama stuff is so dumb, the planned 'taking ronnie mac out', idk, whatever gets numbers i guess...

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Reminds me of a Worcs race, looks like lots of fun.

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Bar to Bar 07' is a classic, I've watched it several times. If they're trying to figure out how to slow the tracks down, have the designers study this tape. The tracks were much different, so it's hard to compare 07' James to today's riders. We have ... more »

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Anymore, all I do is ride alone. I don't have many friends anymore that ride. Sometimes I'm 20+ miles into the backcountry on technical single track, with no cell service, and the feeling of solitude is unlike anything else. It would be awesome to have ... more »

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I'm pumped. I think this is one of the more interesting lineups they've had in quite a while.

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Agreed. It's not the price of bikes that is the problem. A good friend of mine has managed one of the top 20 Specialized dealers in the country for over 10 years. Mountain bikes sales are better than ever and they are the same price as dirt bikes or ... more »

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Car racing is so boring compared to moto. Remember when Ricky tried to get into cars after SX? No one gave a shit. Bye bye Reedy

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It would be awesome to get some dimensions on these 'rider triangles' to get an idea what bikes are gonna fit people who are 6'1" vs 5'4". I get it's all personal preference, but after getting heavily involved in MTB for the past 5-6 years, size and geometry are so important to how the bike handles I amazes me this gets over looked in the moto world. Yes you can fine tune and tweak the geometry to your liking (pegs/bars/clamps) but it would be interesting to see the differences in stock form.

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Hopefully he's honest about the struggles on the Yamaha 450. If he was on a different bike, I think his 450 career would be a lot different.

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Agreed, the producer's voice makes me want to drown myself and Daniel never seems to want to do it. He always comes off that he's in a bad mood or its a waste of his time but he wants to collect the check from racer x. They play that god awful music ... more »

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07' kx250f still doin work ... more »
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On the KX450, the video text sais Torque: 34.83 the audio sais 38.83. So which is it?

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Miss those Chevy days!

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No Marv? Seems like Eli could do it again.

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More technical rhythms with really steep obstacles like mid/late 2000's SX tracks would slow it down perhaps, but then it's more challenging and there fore is it safer? The track is designed for fast, straight lined jumps and action, and I while I wasn't super stoked on the track this year I think the track was what the promotors wanted.

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Sucks but IMO he's one of those riders that 'rides' when money all of a sudden becomes sparkly again, then hammers how much he's enjoying 'the process' followed by #this #that #horseshit #bs.